Kabul in Blackout After Armed Clashes Damage Power Lines, Energy Company Says


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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Kabul and other areas of Afghanistan are experiencing a blackout after armed hostilities damaged power lines in the northeastern province of Baghlan, energy company DABS said on Tuesday.

“Today, a power line in the area of Kiligai in the Baghlan Province was damaged due to hostilities. As a result, the electricity was turned off in Kabul and several other areas located along the power supply lines,” the company wrote on Facebook.

The company is fixing technical issues to resume the supply.

Violence in Afghanistan has been on the rise as foreign troops withdraw from the country. The Taliban (a terrorist group, banned in Russia) have captured large rural territories and launched an offensive on cities.

The UN assistance mission in the country said on Monday that the number of Afghans killed or injured in the first half of the year has hit a record 5,183, with a particularly sharp rise recorded in May.

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