Kangaroos, Zebras and $160M of Cannabis Seized in Canada


Usually, the strange headlines come from Florida—Google “Florida man” and you’re likely to find a wide assortment of outlandish reports of Florida happenings. But recently, Canada had an occurrence that has everyone wondering, “what’s going on up north?”

During a massive police bust just north of Toronto, police seized $160 million worth of illegally-grown cannabis. This, along with the local authorities’ confiscation of guns and “several exotic animals” have birthed this Florida-esque headline.

BlogTO reported that the bust involved 15 different properties. But the exotic animals are what make this case an odd one. The raid uncovered three kangaroos and two zebras. Perhaps the criminal cultivators were working their way towards opening a zoo.

In a new release announcing the raid and 37 resulting arrests, York Regional Police wrote, “Animal control was notified and is investigating.” Well, we should hope so as we don’t know how well kangaroos and zebras would fare in a Toronto holding cell.

The police found the exotic animals in Schomberg, Ontario. But they’re still working to uncover where the animals were procured, what they were being used for, and how many animals were at the site.

At this point, we know the site in Schomberg was one of the 15 the GTA raided after a three-month-long investigation called “Project Green Sweep.”

All hilarity aside, this is an excellent win for the York community. The illicit cannabis market in this community is run by groups that are deeply entrenched in criminal activity. This illicit cannabis activity causes violence in this community, and the hope is that with this raid, some of the brutality will be prevented.

Inspector Ryan Hogan claims that the seizure included approximately 29,000 plants and around 2,900 pounds of harvested illegal cannabis. He explained that this was an illicit cannabis grow operation producing illegal cannabis destined for distribution in the United States.

9 News reported that the police said that the organized crime elements exploited Canada’s medical cannabis legalization to operate. The current law allows designated growers to produce hundreds of plants and keep hundreds of kilograms of cannabis on-hand for personal use.

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