A highly-acclaimed fine-dining restaurant situated in a picturesque period house in the Place des Vosges.Courtesy of L’Ambroisie

The Marais is a winding maze of multi-faceted streets that beg to be explored. It bursts with small boutiques, historic buildings, cozy traditional restaurants, and hidden parks. Around each corner, you’ll come across little gems of architecture spanning the centuries, from understated medieval towers to classical libraries and 17th century splendour.

This restaurant, run by father and son chefs Bernard and Mathieu Pacaud, opened at the heart of the Marais under the magnificent arcades of the Place des Vosges in 1986 and occupies the premises of a former goldsmith’s store. With its 18th-century style decor with tapestries by Aubusson, original parquet flooring and stylish furniture, this temple to gastronomy offers a journey through time.

L’Ambroisie, the jewel of Place des Vosges, Le Marais, Paris
L’Ambroisie, the jewel of Place des Vosges, Le Marais, Paris

L’Ambroisie, the jewel of Place des Vosges, Le Marais, ParisCourtesy of L’Ambroisie

Carrying high the torches of French gastronomic art, Chef Bernard Pacaud offers a refined traditional cuisine. By his absolute mastery of flavors and textures, Bernard Pacaud literally takes you to a magical journey of taste.

The stunning subtlety found in every dish legitimately gives rise to the name of ambrosia, which is defined by “food of the gods of Olympus”. And failing to be gods, you will be welcomed as princes to Ambrosia. At the reception, the exquisite Mrs Pacaud and the charming butler are very attentive to the customers. The service meanwhile, is of great finesse, without being ostentatious. Refined and natural, closer to the tradition of service “French”.