Lebanon Nominates Another Former Prime Minister to Form Government


BEIRUT—Lebanon’s political factions nominated billionaire businessman and former Prime Minister Najib Mikati to form the country’s next government, in an attempt to break a monthslong deadlock after two previous attempts were abandoned.

President Michel Aoun on Monday tapped Mr. Mikati with forming a new government after a majority of lawmakers backed him. His designation comes after Saad Hariri, the last prime minister-designate, gave up his nine-month effort to form a government in mid-July.

“The time is for cooperation between all Lebanese,” Mr. Mikati said in a news conference after meeting the president.

Mr. Mikati is the third person designated as premier after the government of Hassan Diab resigned in the aftermath of the deadly Beirut blast in August that destroyed much of the capital. He faces the same challenges as the others before him—naming a cabinet that is acceptable to those who control the levers of power in Lebanon’s complex political system.

Senior government positions are divided between the country’s main religious groups. The prime minister is always a Sunni, the president a Maronite Christian and the speaker of Parliament a Shiite.

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