Lenovo spotlights Gen Z changemakers


Gen Z is going to change the world—and they’ll do it using new Lenovo laptops.

That’s the message behind Lenovo’s latest brand campaign, launched at CES on Wednesday, highlighting its new series of ThinkPad Z laptops.

The 60-second spot spotlights basketball athlete Gabby Hunter, international model and activist Zinnia Kumar and other Gen Z changemakers working from their laptops in various locations around the world, from the middle of a forest to a cliff overlooking the ocean.

In the ad, Gen Zers assert their power to break the status quo.

“We were made to not just break the mold, but create a new one,” Kumar says in the ad.

The campaign, which will also run on social media with an Instagram splash takeover, aims to “engage [the next generation] and empower them to create and define the future with ThinkPad,” a Lenovo spokesperson said.

Lenovo unveiled the ad after announcing its latest product series at CES on Tuesday. The product includes environmentally friendly materials aimed to appeal to the Gen Z consumer.

For instance, ThinkPad Z13 and Z16, which are available in new color accents such as bronze and arctic grey, feature sustainable materials including recycled aluminum and recycled black vegan leather.

ThinkPad Z’s packaging is also made from 100% recyclable and compostable bamboo and sugarcane and the laptops’ AC power adapters use 90% post-consumer content (PCC), or recycled materials.

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