LG CNS to Set up Private 5G Network at LG Innotek’s Gumi Plant

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LG CNS has entered the 5G private network business

LG CNS has entered the emerging 5G private network business. It will build and operate a private 5G network at LG Innotek’s plant in Gumi.

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on March 31 that it has completed frequency assignment for LG CNS and registered it as a basic communication business operator.

A 5G private network is called “Ieum 5G” in Korea, with the Korean word “Ieum” meaning connection. LG CNS is the second company in Korea to receive frequency allocation under the government’s Ieum 5G policy. In December 2021, Naver Cloud was assigned a frequency for a private 5G network.

With a private 5G network at LG Innotek’s plant, LG CNS plans to provide advanced services, including picking out defective products through artificial intelligence (AI) vision cameras, operating unmanned vehicles and providing virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) drawings.

LG CNS plans to introduce Ieum 5G not only to intelligent factories but to various 5G convergence services.

“This year, we plan to expand Ieum 5G to various fields such as intelligent factories, hospitals, logistics centers and the safety and energy sectors,” said Cho Kyung-shik, vice minister of science and ICT. “Ieum 5G connected AI, autonomous driving vehicles, cloud computing, VR and AR among other things on one single network.”

“I expect that Ieum 5G play a key role in revving up customized 5G convergence services for demanding companies such as connected digital transformation technologies which cover an expanded virtual world (metaverse), mixed reality and digital twins on in the future and others,” Cho added.

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