LOOK: 5 Beautiful Islands You Can Rent for Your Next Socially Distanced Vacation


With the pandemic making traveling easier said than done, these islands that you can rent in their entirety can help you have a socially distanced vacation.

We’re all seeing some glimmer of hope at the end of the dark tunnel that has been the pandemic—thanks to the arrival of the vaccines. Still, many people are wary of going out of their houses to go to malls, groceries, and especially to go out on trips.

What’s more, with all the restrictions and requirements, traveling is easier said than done. And even moreso if you want to get out of the country! And so, going somewhere local is your next best bet. While there are popular beaches and tourist destinations to choose from, these may do little or nothing to ease any worries.

The solution? For those eager to go on a vacation, while still practicing some form of social distancing from fellow travelers, here’s a suggestion: why not rent a whole island to yourself instead?

Rock Island Eres Bella 2
Rock Island Eres Bella

5 Islands to Rent for Your Next Socially Distanced Vacation

5. Ariara Island (IG: @ariaraisland)

Palawan is one of the many go-to destinations for anyone looking to enjoy the best beaches the country has to offer. But if you’re not up for sharing the beach with people you don’t know, you may want to consider renting out Ariara Island.

Located in between Coron and El Nido in Palawan, Ariara Island features villas and suites that will serve as your home in the middle of paradise. Meals at Ariara Island can be served on the beach, in the garden, or even over a reef in the island’s cabana.

There are multiple activities also available on the island. Guests can request yoga instruction or choose to go water skiing, windsurfing, and even kitesurfing. Ariara Island also has a PADI instructor for guests who want to give scuba diving a try.

Ariara Island is available for both short-term rentals, which start at $37,000, as well as long-term rentals with a maximum stay of one year.

For inquiries, you can contact their official website, Facebook, or Instagram.

4. Brother Island (IG: @brotherisland.elnido)

Did you ever think that you can rent a whole island in El Nido for PHP 20,000 per night for a minimum of four guests? Surprisingly, you can, so check out Brother Island!

Brother Island features an ancestral house that has seven bedrooms, two shared bathrooms, two extra toilets, as well as two extra showers. No WiFi, air conditioning units, and even TVs can be found on the island, which will encourage guests to go out and enjoy nature more.

Guests also get their own private chef, daily housekeeping, snorkeling gear, and kayak rental as part of the inclusions of their stay. Additional services such as beach massages, Bacuit Bay island hopping, Daracotan Bay island hopping, and more can be added for an additional cost.

You can get in touch with Brother Island via their official website, Facebook, Instagram, or Airbnb page.

3. The Island Buenavista (IG: @islabuenavista)

Want to go further down south of the Philippines for your socially distanced vacation? The Island Buenavista in Samal, Davao del Norte is one island in that part of the country that you can rent for yourself and your group.

Spacious but at the same time cozy, The Island Buenavista can accommodate ten persons or more in their family villa, two island suites, and other accommodations.

It’s a good choice especially if you’re into diving as the island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and thriving marine life. Some of the activities and experiences guests can enjoy on the island include crab catching, snorkeling, scuba diving, fire dancing, and dinners at the beach by the bonfire.

To inquire or make a reservation, you can contact The Island Buenavista through their official website, Facebook, or Instagram.

2. Rock Island Eres Bella (FB: Rock Island Eres Bella)

If Coron, Palawan is your idea of paradise, a private island called Rock Island Eres Bella is worth checking out—especially if you want to keep your distance from other tourists in the province.

Rock Island Eres Bella can accommodate up to six guests. What’s more, the island has a bungalow that houses two rooms. And yes, each room can accommodate up to three persons. The house also has a dining area and kitchen that faces the sea so you can treat yourself to wonderful views whenever you have a meal.

If you’d like to camp out under the stars instead of staying inside the bungalow, you can totally do that too, as Rock Island Eres Bella offers tents that you can rent.

Mountain climbing is highly recommended if you’re a guest of the island. As is with any island or resort in Coron, swimming and snorkeling are also part of the favorite activities of guests.

Rock Island Eres Bella can be contacted via their Facebook or Airbnb pages.

1. Sundang Island

Sundang Island

If you think that you won’t find any island for rent in Luzon, think again! Sundang Island is a private island that you can find in Laguna. If you’re in Metro Manila, a private island getaway is literally not too far away from where you are.

Guests renting Sundang Island can make use of the one-bedroom house on the island that has two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. And if the number of bedrooms makes you think that the island can’t handle big groups, that’s not exactly the case. You see, up to 10 people can be accommodated!

Sundang Island is not connected to the grid and only has a generator that is used typically from dusk until midnight. Should you be unable to live without electricity for a whole day, additional fees will be charged.

Fun activities that guests can enjoy while on Sundang Island include swimming, going on picnics, yoga, and even biking. And for a rate of less than P5,000 per night, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

You can check out Sundang Island’s official website or Airbnb page for inquiries and reservations.

Whether you’re on a budget or you’re willing to splurge on your next socially distanced travel, there are islands in our beautiful country that you can enjoy in private. But still, make sure to travel safely!


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