Looking for sustainable and ethical jewellery? Try these lab-grown diamond brands


Diamonds have always had a place in our jewellery collections, but what about lab-grown diamonds?

The man-made alternatives, in fact, are now being embraced more than ever. The sparkling stones, created in a matter of weeks using chemical processes that mimic what nature takes years to do, hold a special appeal to today’s customers.

For one, they’re entirely traceable — they go from the lab to you. You can’t say the same of natural diamonds, whose mining processes are often than not tainted with unethical labour and environmental damage. In fact, to date, Tiffany & Co. is the only major mined diamond jeweller to offer transparency on its diamond supply chain.

In terms of quality, lab-grown diamonds don’t even differ from mined diamonds. They are one and the same, but thanks to technology, the former are more consistently produced in terms of cut, colour and clarity. The standards of these newer diamonds can indeed match some of the most prized gems in the world.

Sustainable and ethical production aside, lab-grown diamonds also boast an attractive price point, even if they shine as brilliantly as the gems fetch millions at auctions. De Beers, the old-timer diamond company that made those clear stones desirable in the first place, told us that “diamonds are forever”, but emerging jewellery start-ups are introducing a new idea: diamonds are for everyone.

Today, you have plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking for lab-grown diamond jewellery. And who wouldn’t want to spoil themselves with some guilt-free bling? It helps that the birthstone of April is the diamond, too. If you’re all for embracing modernity and rejecting traditions, consider making a purchase at one of the lab-grown diamond brands we highlight below.


Header photo credit: Aether Diamonds

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