Luxury Truffle Skin Care it’s culinary purposes since the 18th century,




 Truffles have been used for it’s culinary purposes since the 18th century, but people don’t realize that it has also been used as a skincare ingredient as early as the 1950s.  Truffles are part of the fungi(mushroom) family and has been used as a rare and expensive culinary ingredient around the world for it’s distinct aromatic flavor. It has become an extremely valued ingredient in many gourmet dishes with selling prices that could range around $1000–$2200 per pound. 


Truffle Infused

 Truffle Cream is a daily anti-aging treatment formulated with Tuber Melanosporum, suitable for all skin types. 



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  Truffles, known for their musky, sensuous scent, are a rare and luxurious ingredient for enhancing many cooking recipes. Truffles are great for your skin, too! They contain essential fatty acids, and when incorporated into beauty products, help to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. They provide super hydration to skin and hair as well.   

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