Malaysian mall launches domestic tourism promotion to lure shoppers


Malaysian mall operator Sunway is launching a campaign to boost domestic tourism and retail spending.

The firm’s “Ke Sana Ke Sini Ke Sunway” campaign commences Monday (July 6) as more retail and leisure properties throughout the country reopen following the coronavirus pandemic. The strategy represents an initiative to rechannel a portion of blocked outbound tourism spending to domestic tourism, offering a rest and rejuvenation package in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur at a rate 70-per-cent off the normal price.

Prior to the outbreak, domestic tourism spending grew 11.5 per cent to US$24.07 billion last year, the fourth consecutive year of double-digit growth. Shopping registered the highest share of total expenditure with a share of 37.8 per cent.

“Certainly when one looks at both numbers, there is an enormous upside for the shopping,” said Sunway Malls and Theme Parks CEO HC Chan. “On the domestic front, you see a healthy growth while on the outbound, you see a potential of conversion as international borders are still largely closed.”

To date, Sunway Malls is seeing a recovery of 60–70 per cent in footfall, and tenants’ sales have recovered by 30–40 per cent. Sunway forecasts a recovery of 75–85 per cent footfall by the year end.

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