Mattress company offers support for bike-nappers


Having seen a mattress company in India make a meaningless gesture of ‘support’ for a community last year (see “Company claims Pride mattress ‘supports’ the community (Groan)“, Ad Nut was leery about a new effort out of Happiness Saigon and Vietnam’s RU9.

But unlike the aforementioned condemnation-worthy campaign, RU9’s initiative is legit and commendable.

You see, during pandemic lockdown last year, the companies decided to use RU9’s memory-foam expertise to craft customised replacement seats for 50 delivery drivers’ motorbikes. Since drivers often use their bikes as makeshift beds for mid-shift naps—in feats of balance that make even a singularly graceful creature like Ad Nut nod with respect—a better seat translates to a major quality-of-nap upgrade. Which of course, the drivers who keep people fed and equipped during the pandemic definitely deserve. Winners are being chosen at random, and the companies are also providing new mattresses (the conventional kind, for real beds) to 50 additional drivers, as well as offering discounts to any hard-working delivery-folk nationwide.  

Needless to say the campaign around the effort works as a great demo/promotion for the brand. But that doesn’t take away from the sincere kindness at the core of the idea, in Ad Nut’s opinion.

“It was an intuitive leap,” said Jazz Tonna, creative partner at Happiness Saigon. “As a disruptive mattress brand, they were perfectly positioned to tap into this local behavior and create something unique and meaningful.”

Now, can someone design a nice memory-foam mattress for a tree branch?

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