Meet the Nobe 100: The 3-wheel electric car which can even park vertically on the side of your house


Flying cars, oddly shaped houses, and aesthetics that are somehow futuristic, yet vintage at the same time, these things sound like the elements of 1960s sci-fi movies. And until now they have mostly been confined to that realm of nostalgia, however thanks to the new EV Nobe 100, it looks like retrofuturism is well and truly back with a bang.

The Nobe 100 is a new, revolutionary, eco-friendly, classically vintage sports car, whose exterior and interior are both fully recyclable, making this a dream for any ecologically minded person.

The car only weighs a total of 600kg which means it can run on less electricity for far longer. The cherry red colour evokes images of vintage Coca-Cola, while its curved roof and door handles conjure up scenes from classic 60s TV show The Jetsons.

The Nobe 100
The vehicle can accelerate from 0-62mph in just six seconds and is also a semi-converitble electric car – the first of its kind. Image credit: Nobe

The car oozes old Hollywood glamour with its open top roof, ‘butter soft cream leather interior’, and built in coffee machine, even its three wheels pays its respects to the Benz Patent-Motorwagen of 1885.

The vehicle is also fully upgradable, making this car both more practicable, and more economical than any before it. For only £23,100 ($29,000), this miracle car will transport you to an era of glitz, style and romance, whilst also saving the planet.

Roman Muljar, CEO of Nobe Cars, states that the Nobe 100 is meant to spread joy, and spark infectious smiles in people wherever it goes, and it can firmly be said it is off to a magnificent start.

The Nobe 100
The car weighs only 600kg – less than half the weight of the lightest Mini. Image credit: Nobe

The distinct, sleek, retro style of the car makes it truly difficult to take your eyes off. The website promotional video includes onlookers staring at the one-of-a-kind car as it zooms past, and when pictured sitting next to other cars on the street the difference in intricate attention to detail and general craftsmanship really is striking.

According to Estonia-based Nobe Cars, the car boasts ‘great acceleration, agility, and it’s easy to park’, adding that its ‘big wheels and all wheel drive makes it a real all-terrain vehicle (ATV)’.

“Setting Nobe a bit more apart from the rest is the innovative dual-battery system found in each automobile we make,” the company told Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. “With the main battery putting the power behind each three-wheeled classic, a separate battery provides power for the supporting systems such as light and heat. The all-wheel drive system will also ensure safety in all conditions.”

The Nobe 100
The car has a range of 260km (160-miles) on a single two-hour charge (310km/192-miles with an additional suitcase battery). Image credit: Nobe

Perfect for both city and country lifestyles as well as all weather conditions, as stylish as any vintage car and as comfortable as your favourite seat at home; this little wonder of a car has it all.

Fans can pre-order their very own, personalised Nobe 100 via the Nobe Indiegogo campaign by clicking here.

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