Melaka polls – Voting in N06 Rembia


REMBIA — ANT made a stop over to observe the situation at one of the polling station in N06 Rembia.

The polling station is Sekolah Kebangsaan Rumbia.

The voting process is in order and the Election Commission officials ensure strict SOP adherence and even the police manning the traffic well.

In one of the photo taken shows the EC official helping a senior citizen to cast her vote.

The reporting done at 11.15am by our team on the ground.

Here we see five cornered fight and the candidates are  K.Murali(Independant), Zamri Pakiri(PH-PKR), Sabarudin Kudus(Independant), Datuk Muhammad Jailani Khamis (BN-UMNO) and Zamzuri Arifin(PN-Bersatu)

IMG 20211120 110718

Reporting by Faisal, Rahman and Ramani

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