MICA launches national network of mining innovation


As the move for all industries toward net zero accelerates, MICA will speed the development and commercialization of innovative autonomous and clean technologies for the mining sector. This initiative is expected to extend the operational lives of existing mines and reduce the time it takes to bring new mineral deposits into production, making Canada a global leader in sustainable mining as well as cleantech development.

“MICA will connect regional mining clusters to cross-sector innovation centres across the country to create a national network, allowing mining companies access to the mining innovation ecosystem in one place,” CEMI and MICA chair Marianne Matichuk said.

Four technical themes will be developed: 1) increase mine production at a lower cost; 2) reduce mining energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; 3) implement smart, autonomous mining systems, and 4) reduce environmental risk and long-term liabilities. Funding will be made available to eligible MICA members to explore these areas.

MICA will reach its goals with the support of major partners, including The Bradshaw Research Initiative for Minerals and Mining (B.C.), InnoTech Alberta, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, MaRS (Ontario), Groupe MISA (Quebec) and the College of the North Atlantic (Newfoundland). The federal government is also supporting the network through its Strategic Innovation Fund.

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(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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