NEV Spa & Wellness, a world-class luxury retreat


A retreat for the mind, body, and soul, NEV Spa & Wellness is a luxurious Egyptian brand with world-class standards. We provide you with a wide array of personalized spa treatments and holistic programs in a serene and soothing ambience for ultimate relaxation. With 10 years of experience in spa management, we are dedicated to delivering a worthwhile experience. Our highly-qualified team of international experts and practitioners deliver unrivalled services while maintaining first-rate international standards. Our goal is to build an ever-growing awareness of well-being and mindfulness among health-conscious communities.

Your body is your home, it is where you live permanently; and to improve the quality of your life, improving your lifestyle is vital. From here comes our role as your lead to a healthier version of you. We strongly believe that the foundation of your health lies not only in your DNA, but also in the hands of trusted experts who help you alter your wellness.

We revitalize you on all levels; from the inside out. NEV Spa & Wellness tailors its programs focusing on four main pillars for a better, healthier lifestyle.

Our 4 main pillars are:

• Spa body treatments, massages, scrubs and facials

• Nutrition

• Holistic healing practices

• Awareness and self-development

NEV Spa & Wellness is your gateway to develop self-awareness and, connect with your inner self, and explore your spirituality. We encourage you to embrace who you are and we take you through the steps of fulfilling your needs. Through our holistic approach to wellness, not only do we revive you, but also awaken your immunity system enhancing your energy and creating inner balance.

A:   Cairo Festival City Mall, Unit 1-160 Village next to “Eatery Restaurant”

T:   ( 20) 2 2616 8265 

M:  ( 20) 010 9100 0503

E:  Information

W: NEV Spa & Wellness

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