New e-FastRecruit service catalyses recruiting trends in the wake of Covid-19


KUALA LUMPUR — FastJobs Malaysia, a tech-driven job platform, is preparing businesses for the future of talent acquisition with the introduction of the latest mobile-first innovation, the e-FastRecruit service.

The e-FastRecruit service is set to evolve the hiring process in the new norm, enabling companies to undertake 100 per cent digital and online mass hiring campaigns. This will allow companies to effectively and efficiently hire and on-board their talent; as they look to adapt and pivot their hiring efforts in a volatile market still burdened by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on the introduction of e-FastRecruit, Joelle Pang, General Manager, FastJobs Malaysia said: “Even as the pandemic continues, entrepreneurial businesses are striving to push forward by pivoting their sales and marketing strategies while mitigating the start-stop nature of the current market due to the varying degrees of the movement control orders (MCOs).

“Businesses are preparing for a future after COVID-19, this is evidenced by the most recent unemployment rate data from the Department of Statistics Malaysia which indicate that more hirings are happening across various industries, more than has been happening for over a year.

“Our e-FastRecruit service has already played a part in alleviating unemployment, allowing companies to forge ahead with their hiring plans; no matter how large, unaffected by MCOs.”

In the initial phase of introducing the e-FastRecruit service, FastJobs has successfully worked with Don Don Donki, 7Eleven, Hero Market and Family Mart and emart 24 over the past 10 months. These campaigns have resulted in over 11,000 applications, 730 interviews, and 380 hires; all of which occurred exclusively online.

Among the key industries and job sectors that are currently hiring are sales/retail; warehouse focused jobs; admin/ accounting; information technology; and hospitality, among others. Over the past 6 months, these sectors account for 60% of all job hiring through the FastJobs platform.

Facilitating this huge number of interviews during the pandemic has also given FastJobs greater insight into an evolving mindset among jobseekers, which could further alter human resources and hiring practices in the near future.

“Our feedback has indicated that the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work. Priorities have shifted and an increasing number of people are now looking for greater freedom in their jobs and careers. Gig work offers unrivalled flexibility and makes it easier for jobseekers to join and earn quickly.

“In today’s fluctuating market, these jobs that offer quick wins seem to be gaining favour rapidly, even in sectors that conventionally would not be considered as gig work-centric. It seems that the very definition of gig work may soon have to be relooked to accurately capture this rapidly growing market space,” continued Joelle.

In line with FastJobs’ vision of providing equal access to job opportunities for everyone, the company is in the midst of developing more novel talent acquisition tools that will soon enable gig-focused hiring approaches for variety of new and niche industries and sectors.

The introduction of e-FastRecruit is the latest in FastJobs growing legacy as a technology innovator and trendsetter within the talent solutions industry.

Established in 2017, FastJobs Malaysia has registered over 1 million Malaysian jobseekers on its mobile app and web platform. The platform boasts close to 300,000 active jobseekers monthly and more than 10,000 Malaysian brands and companies providing job opportunities to local talent.

For more information on the e-FastRecruit or special packages, kindly contact FastJobs’ customer service team at 03-76102886 or email: [email protected]

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