New Zealand approves quarantine-free travel for Australians


Potential for travel bubble disruption

The Trans-Tasman bubble could be paused if an outbreak occurs in either Australia or New Zealand.

“Once we know about a case in Australia we will have three possible responses when it comes to flights and access to our border, and we’ve captured these with a framework based on continue, pause, or suspend,” Ardern said.

If a case is found in a border worker and is well contained, flights will continue. If a case is found that can not be linked to the border and a state responds by a short lockdown to identify more information, NZ will pause flights into and out of New Zealand to that state.

“If we saw multiple cases of unknown origin, we would likely suspend flights for a set period of time,’ Ardern said.

“It does mean we have the ability if we believe it safe to do so, to potentially pause or suspend flights in one state whilst, if another state remains unaffected, continuing travel there. So that flexibility exists but we’ll be using it cautiously and wisely.”

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