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Okooko Mattresses Are What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of

Sleep ins have never felt better.

As social distancing is part of the daily norm, many people, like ourselves, are looking to the silver linings of these times — one being the luxury of 12 uninterrupted hours of shut eye. And if not that, then at least a long laze in bed catching up on Netflix. Working from home (or more accurately put, working in bed) comes at a price — the aches and pains that routinely ensue from poor posture.  

We all know quality sleep is a critical component to our health and wellbeing, but it might be difficult if you’re intimately acquainted with backaches and sore muscles. Putting aside the reliance on painkillers, those restless nights and sore muscles are too often the result of sleep furnishings gone wrong. 

With that, there’s no better time to step up your bed game than now. From mattresses and bed frames to pillows and sheets, we’ve found a one-stop bedding store that covers all. Okooko by European Bedding is a Belgian company that focuses on sleeping with the most natural and sustainable materials. 

  1. The perfect mattress

Okooko’s Heveya® natural organic latex mattresses provide ample support for your back. Its seven-zone design responds to each section of the curvature of the body, ensuring good spinal alignment which in turn will help alleviate back pain. 

Available in multiple thickness and firmness levels, their mattresses cater to all sorts of personal preferences. What’s more, Okooko thoughtfully thinks for two. Each king size mattress is customisable with dual firmness options (e.g. firm on one side, soft on the other), so you and your partner can enjoy the personalised body support that suits you individually, together.

Sourced from a sustainable rubber plantation in Sri Lanka, Heveya® natural organic latex mattresses are GOLS-certified so you can sleep easy knowing you’re enveloped in chemical-free comfort. They also possess naturally anti-dust mite and anti-mold qualities, making it an excellent choice for Hong Kong’s humid climate where micro bugs thrive to breed. Even cooler, the open-cell structure and pincore holes allow excellent air circulation through the mattress, ensuring a cool night’s sleep. Additionally, the mattress cores are encased in a soft bamboo fabric with organic cotton padding that can be unzipped for convenient cleaning, making it a perfect choice for those who are sensitive to allergens.

  1. Supportive pillows

To get that good night’s sleep, your body needs support from head to toe. Made with the same materials as the mattress, Heveya® natural organic latex pillows are resilient and do not flatten easily. If you are the kind who wakes up through the night feeling warm, Heveya® pillows will help you sleep cooler. Both the latex foam and the bamboo cover are extremely breathable. As the pillow doesn’t retain moisture, mould and bacteria have no chance to survive.   

At Okooko, the Heveya® pillows are available in different shapes and firmness levels to fit your sleeping position and preference. Visit their showroom in Central for a sleep consultation with their expert advisers. 

  1. FSC certified bed base

Besides the mattress, the bed base is equally important to provide the right support. For the ultimate night’s sleep, an ergonomic adjustable slatted base is the way to go. The adjustable settings can be customised to ensure your spine is getting the support it needs. With sliders that can be adjusted firmer or softer at the lumbar region, this orthopaedic bedbase is definitely a crowd-favourite. Okooko even offers a motorised variant of their popular slatted system, which makes cocooning in bed even easier. By the touch of a button, head and foot-areas are able to recline into any position.

Last but not least, since your sheets are in direct contact with your skin all night, every night, it’s important to complete your sleeping experience with the softest and most breathable sheets. Heveya® Bamboo Lyocell Sheets feel luxuriously soft and silky smooth. Made from 100% bamboo lyocell — a renewable & sustainable plant source — these sheets are naturally cooling and soothing, wicking heat and moisture away before you even notice it.

Visit Okooko’s Central showroom and speak to their sleep consultant to get yourself a complete bedding set personalised for your ultimate sleep comfort. The people at Okooko are so certain of their product that they offer 100 days free trial, so your purchase is 100% to your liking.

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