Pak ISI agent, major supplier of fake Indian currency, shot dead in Nepal: Report


A man said to be working for Pakistan’s spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, was allegedly shot dead in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, according to reports.

The ISI agent—identified as Laal Mohammad (55) alias Mohammad Darji—was the biggest supplier of fake Indian currency notes—a racket run at the behest of ISI.

He used to get counterfeit Indian currency from Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh and then supplied it to India, reports said.

It is being claimed that Mohammad gave logistics support to ISI, and had links with Indian mafia and terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and his crime syndicate D-company. He also provided asylum to other ISI agents.

A CCTV video of the killing has now gown viral on Twitter purportedly showing unidentified assailants pumping bullets into Mohammad. The incident is said to have taken place in the Gothatar area of Kathmandu on the night of September 19.

WION was unable to verify the authenticity of the video.

The clip further shows Mohammad’s daughter jumping from the first floor of the house to save her father. But by the time she reached him, the assailants had already killed Mohammad and escaped.

According to the Nepali newspaper My Republica, Mohammad was running a garment business in Kathmandu.

The newspaper said that police are investigating the incident, though the motive of the murder is yet to be determined.

“Police are investigating the incident and nothing can be said about it yet,” SSP Dan Bahadur Karki, Deputy Spokesperson at Nepal Police Headquarters, was quoted as saying.

The police are also investigating to determine whether he was involved in dealing counterfeit notes or suspicious uranium transactions.

According to local media reports, he had been staying in Kathmandu for the past six years and was involved in various business activities, some of which are illegal.

(With inputs from agencies)


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