Pakistan flour brand pledges to take on child hunger


Sunridge Foods, with Adcom Zenith Pakistan, has launched a CSR campaign with the stated goal of eradicating malnutrition among children. That’s a natural fit for the brand, which sells fortified whole wheat products. The brand has brought on top Pakistan actor Fahad Mustafa as a brand ambassador, who stars in the video above. The campaign also includes radio and in-store elements.

The campaign asks the public to help by buying any Sunridge Fortified Atta product, and posting a picture on social media with the hastag #SunridgeTaqatwarPakistan. For each image posted, the brand will donate 1 kilogram of fortified flour to “eradicate” malnutrition.

It’s an effective film and has garnered millions of views. However, Ad Nut found only 117 posts on Instagram using the hashtag, and many of those were from the brand itself. Ad Nut has dispatched a minion to ask how long the brand’s donation commitment is set to last, and whether the brand has other, ongoing initiatives in this area—information that is not evident on the posts and pages pertaining to the campaign.

Sorry for the cynicism, but Ad Nut, like many consumers, wants to see brands making clear, tangible commitments when they say they’re interested in helping with an important issue. Eradication of child hunger is a extremely lofty goal—one that would require a commitment far beyond a single campaign. Otherwise you haven’t accomplished much beyond giving a famous actor a chance to look caring and heroic.

For example, Sunridge could consider donating a package of flour for every package it sells on a permanent basis. Sounds crazy? Well, Ad Nut stole that idea from the US-based direct-to-consumer apparel brand Bombas, which has a permanent ‘one purchased, one donated’ pledge. So far, the brand has donated nearly 50 million items (primarily pairs of socks) to homeless shelters.


Agency: Adcom Zenith Pakistan

Associate Creative Director: Zuneeta Rawat

Social Media Executive: Ali Ahmed Zaidi

Account Director: Daniyal Abbas Khan

General Manager: Somair Rizvi

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