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Provincial order issued for all non-tourists entering Thailand through Phuket

PHUKET: Following the high-profile international attention of Phuket’s push to allow vaccinated tourists to arrive in Phuket without quarantine from July 1, Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew today issued a detailed order listing all the requirements of all non-tourists wanting to enter the country through Phuket.

The order, 48 pages in total, was posted just after 3:30pm this afternoon (Apr 8).

The order lists the requirements of non-tourists wanting to enter Thailand through Phuket, from Thai nationals returning home  to diplomatic and consular staff to even cargo ship workers passing through.

The order also includes the requirements of foreigners who are permanent residents, foreigners with work permits, foreigners studying in Thailand, foreigners coming for medical treatment and foreigners who are coming to Thailand under “special arrangements”.

The conditions for each category of person listed are all nearly identical. All arrivals must have a document issued no more than 72 hours prior to arrival affirming that a COVID test has proved that the arrival is not infected, they must have a Certificate of Entry, and they must install a tracking app on their phones arrival.

All arrivals will be subjected quarantine, with vaccinated arrivals observing a seven-day quarantine, and not-vaccinated arrivals observing the full 14-day quarantine period. Arrivals who have had only one injection of a vaccine that requires two injections in order to be fully effective must observe a 10-day quarantine.

All arrivals will be subjected to swab tests on arrival and before being released from quarantine, the order notes.

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