R Kelly trial news – live: Singer to face court over sexual abuse charges


R Kelly (AP)

R Kelly (AP)

R&B star R Kelly is due to appear in court on Wednesday as opening statements are made in a case involving decades of alleged sexual abuse carried out by the “I believe I can fly” singer.

The 54-year-old, born Robert Sylvester Kelly, has strongly denied allegations that he sexually exploited and humiliated underage girls — and even boys — who he recruited at the height of his fame in the 90s.

He has also been accused of violating federal law that makes “transporting any woman or girl” across state lines “for any immoral purpose” illegal. The trail comes 13 years after he was cleared of child pornography charges.

A jury made up of seven men and five women will ultimately decide his fate, in what his victims say has been a long wait for justice in the #MeToo era. Covid measures will be in place in court.

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