Rustom Dastoor: How have you evolved customer engagement given the digital acceleration in the past year?


Rustom Dastoor, SVP, head of marketing and communications, Asia Pacific, Mastercard

This is part of a video series for the Power List 2021, created in partnership with Twitter as part of their global #LeadersforGood initiative. 

Rustom Dastoor has had a busy 18 months, from heading up initiatives to bring experiences to the stay-at-home crowd, to ensuring that consumers are equipped with tools and knowledge to ‘go online’, to amplifying campaigns to show appreciation for frontline workers. Dastoor is a huge advocate of partnering for good. He’s the leader and convenor of the Asia-Pacific chapter of Mastercard’s ‘In Solidarity’ efforts, which not only ensures employees feel equally respected, but also that sponsorship platforms and advertising are inclusive, allowing participation from all sections of society. 

Watch the video to learn more.

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