Serving with Joy: A Jollibee Tribute Through Food and Clothes


In a move to give back, Francis Libiran redesigns their uniforms to embody the happiness and service that Jollibee is known for.

When the pandemic started, it was tough for all of us. Life changed. The streets used to be bustling with people in a rush to go to work or simply to hang out with family and friends. But the ongoing pandemic has led us to stay at home and leave behind the lives we once knew.

And this includes dining out with our loved ones in our favorite food establishments—one of the many things we’ve missed.

Back then, for at-work parties or celebrations, we’d always either order in or reserve a whole table and bond with our friends or co-workers. And chances are, we all have our go-to restaurant—a place with our favorite food, where we remember moments shared with the important people in our lives.

For me, that will always be Jollibee.


A Special Place in my Heart

Jollibee has always painted itself as a go-to for family and friends. A lot of people will agree that the establishment has been a huge part of their childhood, where past (and present) generations would bring their children or grandchildren to.

Throughout the years, Jollibee has adapted to the needs of the next generation—a group that values bonding and celebrating with friends at parties. By creating bulk menu choices of our favorite meals, the fast-food joint allows us to share food with our loved ones as well. This is why I can’t deny that Jollibee has a special place in my heart.

Though actually, while pondering on it, this crowd-favorite food chain in the country has already touched a lot of hearts with their concept that comfort food brings loved ones together.


Touching Hearts and Touching Lives

Not only is Jollibee meant for the beloved people in our lives, but it too can also be shared with the people in our community and also for those who are in need. Since my colleagues and I enjoy their food, I make it a point to share these meals with the needy in my outreach programs. Yes, it’s almost always Jollibee!

Needless to say, I have seen the establishment contribute happiness to a lot of people already, and I knew that it was also time to give back to them. Thus, we decided to create uniforms for them as a thank you for everything that they have been doing for us for the past to today’s generation. We then talked about it and got to work on this project.


The Creative Process

My vision is that upon entering Jollibee, you get a sense of happiness and comfort upon entering. The staff is nice and accommodating and they serve you with smiles on their faces. That vibe has not changed over the years and it was what I intended for their uniforms.

I wanted the Jollibee staff to look nice and dignified whenever they’re serving food. Moreover, I wanted them to feel proud about what they’re doing. Serving food is more than just taking orders and bringing food to customers. It’s also making sure that clients feel loved and welcomed so that they would want to come back every day.

Doing the uniform project for Jollibee made me nostalgic about how it has always been an integral part of my life. I can’t wait to see the staff glowing with pride on what they do as I enter my favorite branch and see their smiling faces, ready to serve food sprinkled with love.


Good Food and Service at Jollibee

Once the health restrictions eased up, I rushed to the nearest Jollibee chain to enjoy my favorite Chickenjoy. I also tried their Spicy Chicken Joy and it is just as delicious, with the right amount of spice.

I’m glad and relieved that I get to spend the holidays with my loved ones and spread happiness with Jollibee. Their food is really a go-to for Noche Buena and Media Noche celebrations. That way, you can start the new year right with your loved ones by enjoying the love and warmth of their food.

All I can think of are good things about Jollibee and I can’t wait to celebrate more meaningful and memorable moments there.



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