SilkSense: Sustainable Flower Arrangements


Meet SilkSense, a luxury flower subscription service for those that want the beauty of fresh flowers, without the hassle that comes with them.

Started by Alana and Werner Conradie, SilkSense Auckland provides a different floral arrangement to your door each month. Not only is it an easy way to decorate your space, there is less environmental waste, it doesn’t affect allergies and is overall a more economical option than fresh flowers.Silk Sense provide Silk flowers, an alternative to fresh flowers

The business’s initial launch was in July of 2021. Covid provided the usual setbacks, but now in 2022, they are already servicing everyone from retail, aged care, hospitality, and healthcare to private homeowners. They have flowers for anyone that loves them.

SilkSense was started on the basis of Alana’s love for flowers, she considers them to have an incredibly positive and uplifting effect on people’s well-being, and loves having them around her own home. However, after realising how much money she had been spending on real flowers over the years, only for them to wilt after a few days, she wanted a long-term solution. Silk floral arrangements became a cheaper option, but also a greener one.

Silk Sense provide Silk flowers, an alternative to fresh flowers

Over 40 percent of New Zealand’s fresh-cut flowers are imported from greenhouses in central and South America. To keep them fresh on the long journey over, large amounts of chemicals, pesticides, and other nasty substances are used. Along with the carbon emissions from travel and refrigeration, there are an obscene amount of resources that go into the fresh flower market. SilkSense does not contribute to any of this environmental damage.

When choosing to use SilkSense Auckland, there are over 100 different styles of flowers to select and arrangements come in medium or large sizes. Medium arrangements best suit smaller areas such as coffee tables or compact reception areas, and larger arrangements suit hotel lobbies, spacious reception desks, or window displays. Alana works with her customers to ensure the arrangements match their tastes and decoration styles. She operates on a rolling contract, with most customers signing up for a few months to get the full benefits of a fresh arrangement each month, but can also cater for specific events in a month, as contracts can be cancelled at any time.

Silk Sense provide Silk flowers, an alternative to fresh flowers

Sanitisation is a very important part of the SilkSense process. In this day and age where cleanliness is paramount, all silk flowers, leaves, and vases are thoroughly cleaned between each client delivery. They use Zoono sanitising spray which kills 99.9 percent of germs and provides a protective shield for up to 30 days.

Prior to starting SilkSense, Alana worked in the Film & Television industry as a Production Coordinator & Manager. She was known for her organisational skills, love of colour, and flowers. While her husband Werner, works in Business Consulting and Health and Safety Management. Werner now works as the General Manager of Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Technologies at Scott Technologies, but is still heavily involved in SilkSense in the evenings and on weekends. The day-to-day operations of SilkSense is led by Alana, who is always looking for a way to brighten up spaces.

SilkSense Auckland is a perfect provider for effortless, environmentally friendly, and exciting flower arrangements.

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