SK Innovation Holds First Strategy Meeting in 2022 at CES 2022

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SK Innovation vice chairman Kim Jun (left) presides over the company’s first strategy meeting in 2022 at CES 2022 in Las Vegas on Jan. 6 (U.S. local time).

SK Innovation held its first strategy meeting in 2022 at CES 2022 in Las Vegas on Jan. 6 (U.S. local time) with vice chairman Kim Jun and key executives in attendance.

At this meeting, Kim and key executives reviewed SK Innovation’s ‘Net Zero’ strategy and decided on specific implementation plans. They also explored growth strategies after carefully looking around various exhibition booths at CES 2022 that showcased future technologies related to the company’s eco-friendly businesses for “Carbon to Green” innovation.

In July of last year, SK Innovation announced the Carbon to Green strategy to transform itself from a carbon-centered business into a green-centered company. It also announced the goal of achieving ‘Net Zero’ before 2050.

At the strategy meeting, the participants discussed carbon-neutral action plans for each SK Innovation affiliated company. This strategy meeting confirmed that SK Group’s declaration of ‘carbon neutrality’ has established itself as a major management strategy for each member company.

At the meeting, Kim said, “‘Carbon neutrality’ is a goal that must be achieved for all of us for a sustainable future. Let’s push forward with it toward ‘Net Zero,’ the final destination of Carbon to Green.”

SK Innovation shared plans to reduce GHG emissions by each affiliate, and discussed reduction action plans and mid- to long-term upgrade plans. They also reviewed the detailed implementation plans for ‘carbon neutrality’, such as accelerating investment in the battery/materials business and promoting a net-zero refinery.

In addition, they reviewed the goals and directions for this year’s full-fledged promotion of circular economy projects, such as SK Innovation’s battery recycling (BMR), SK Geocentric’s waste plastic recycling, and SK Lubricants’ waste lubricant recycling.

Meanwhile, Kim decided to participate as a member of the board of directors of major affiliates to accelerate the achievement of ‘Carbon To Green’ and strengthen responsible management.

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SK Innovation vice chairman Kim Jun listens to an explanation of the company’s electric vehicle batteries at the SK Group booth at CES 2022 on Jan. 6 (U.S. local time). 


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