Solitary Gourmet – New Year's Eve Special, From Kyoto To Tokyo


More delicious food awaits us during our culinary adventures this week. Our first destination is Tamba-Sasayama in Hyogo Prefecture. We drop by a restaurant which serves wild boar stew, which we order with assorted vegetables, grated yam and a bowl of rice. After an appetizer of okra and edamame, we start our main meal, which also includes pickles and Japanese pepper. The miso broth is light and tasty. The final dish consists of leftover broth and rice topped with a soft-boiled egg.

Our next stop is Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture. Grilled chicken is a speciality of this city, so we head to Grilled Meat Maeshima Restaurant. We order a variety of grilled chicken dishes, neck meat, chicken liver and chicken and vegetable soup. The restaurant’s grilled chicken is different from the usual chicken skewers and goes well with miso sauce.  

Our road trip next takes us to Ise City in Mie Prefecture, where we visit a shopping street near the station. We decide to try the area’s famous udon noodles. We order the set meal and get to choose as many toppings as we like for the noodles. We select beef, egg and deep-fried shrimp. 

After this, we move on to Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. This time, we visit an eatery where we try bicoloured grilled eel on rice served with homemade ponzu sauce and Japanese pepper. As Lake Hamana is famous for oyster farming, we also have the grilled oyster rice bowl, which is only served in winter.  
Our last stop this week is Fujinomiya City in Shizuoka. At a restaurant which serves grilled meat ramen, we have ramen topped with delicious ginger pork. 

1)    Grilled chicken is a speciality of Matsusaka City
2)    A must-try dish when visiting Ise City is Ise udon noodles

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