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Still, we continue to discover Thailand and fly quickly following

The ideal reclining Buddha Statue placed at Wat Pa Phu Kon Temple in Na Yung District, Udon Thani Province is one of the most beautiful Buddha Statues in the country. It’s famous for the unique patterns from the temple’s aqua blue roof shown upon the statue during the night. Furthermore, the temple is encircled by the natural surroundings which make it feel more peaceful and sacrosanct and very decent for any tourists who want to experience both an amazing sacred place and real stunning nature at the same time. *The temple has a very strict dress code, so dress properly before entering the site

Once in a while, you should escape from your daily turbulence to the tranquility of nature. Just let the breathtaking vistas boosting up your energy and healing your spirit. It doesn’t matter what activity you will choose to do, but if you don’t have any idea, I mostly recommend you to kayak around islands since it is one of the most popular water activities and the best way to explore the exotic islands. Not to mention the chill you will get while you are kayaking through sea caves or mangrove forests ,and the excitement when you bump into amazing wildlife up-close. 
How can we get enough with view? We can’t, can we?
Have you ever dreamed of spending your leisure time, your vulnerable holidays on these comfy floating bamboo hubs?  You can find all these cutie little hubs at Khao Sok National Park, Surat Thani Province,  The place where you will be surrounded by ravishing landscapes of dense and thick rainforest and the gigantic limestone mountains while you are floating on a raft and your legs are being soaked in clear water at the same time.  It sounds like a heaven is in front of your nose right? Well this is not too good to be true if you book your tour with us, and let us make your dream vacation real! 
What you see right now is one of uniquely charming hand-craved Teak wood souvenirs made elaborately in Thailand. The intricate high-relief sculpture represented us the incredibly natural environments of Thailand dense rainforests with a herd of elephants, the good long-term friends in the country’s history. It might be a tough gift for you to carry around. Nonetheless, I am certain that it must be the one you will not want to let it go!
This is the Picturesque view of one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches. “Laem Singh Beach” is like a secret beach hidden between Kamala and Surin Beaches. It’s popular for its incredible surroundings i.e. a steep side bay, nodding palm tree lines and giant rock boulders. Likewise, the southern part of the beach is suitable for swimming and snorkeling where you will get a chance to swim closely along with a school of colorful fish! On the other hand, if you are fond into body-boarding, the northern area will fit you perfectly. And even this excellent and popular beach for relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and other water sports has been restricted as a land dispute, you can still visit it by taking a boat from Surin Beach  to get there. It costs 100 baht per person; however; if you don’t want to wait for any passengers or want a little bit more of privacy, you can pay a boat driver 400 baht for the whole boat also!
The striking cityscape of Chao Phraya River where you can get a glimpse of the antiquity and modernity of Bangkok city intertwine themselves in harmony. Beautiful isn’t it? Well you can have a chance to see this wonderful view with your own eyes for “FREE” only join our contest by sharing your ideas of “WHAT PLACES AND ACTIVITIES YOU WANT TO GO AND DO WHEN YOU VISIT THAILAND?”  Don’t let this great oppotunity to be wasted! 
Being one of Thailand’s famous attractions, The Alcazar Cabaret Show will blow your mind away with all the colorful dresses and the cultural diversity performed by several professional artists throughout the whole show!! The performances are truly amazing, eye-catching and neatly consistent. It’s a must-see thing you don’t want to miss when you visit Pattaya City at all! 
Sometimes, to risk your life is closer enough than you expect at the one and only “Talad Rom Hub or umbrella-closing market”. It’s located by the railway near Mae Klong Railway Station, Samut Songkhram Province. This amazing life-risking market is well-known among many foreign visitors for its unique way of selling goods as it has a train running through the middle of it several times a day! And do you know how the vendors know when a train comes? They listen at the bell signals and that’s when Chaos happens! All seller will rush to close their parasols and canvas and hurry to clear their goods far from the railway in order to there won’t be any obstacles to the coming train with great high speed. And after the train’s gone, the canvas and parasols will be reopened again as all the goods will be put near the railroad as usual ? . This market is so much fun to go experiencing by yourself! However, If you want to go , the market is open from 6 am. to 6 pm. Don’t forget to check the train schedules also so that you won’t be miss the fun part of it!

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