Story of Lanvin and Five Self-Made Personas



Lanvin, Established in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin is now the third-longest standing fashion house that’s still in operation. Today Lanvin is helmed by Bruno Sialeli, who brought a fresh and youthful direction to the French couture house. Lanvin’s Autumn/Winter 2020 tailoring reflected this season’s return to classicism, but with a young twist and enough cool points to give it modern currency – just like these self-made personas who have discovered new dialogues between Lanvin’s aesthetics and their points of view.


Olivia Lazuardy is no stranger to rejection; but it only makes her want to grow and become even better. The fashion blogger has focused on one goal since the beginning of her career in 2012: to represent Indonesia in the international fashion weeks. Lazuardy has been to Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week for the past two to

three years and it has indeed been an amazing experience for her. Though she hasn’t completely achieved her big goal yet, Lazuardy is grateful that she is on the way that will lead her to the end of the rainbow.

At the time of writing, Lazuardy has 303 thousand followers on Instagram. That being said, she thinks that in this era of social media madness, it has become all too easy for us to want to please other people. “We can act or think a certain way just to gain other people’s validation,” she observes. “But throughout my eight-year career, I’ve learned to always be real and genuine to myself. I don’t do things to impress other people; instead, I do things that I think is right and in accordance with my values. I think this is the biggest act of self-love.”

Like just about everybody else, however,Lazuardy has also felt the effects of the pandemic, as the fashion brands that she works with are struggling. There’s a domino effect. I can’t travel as much as before; I can’t go to fashion weeks. But it also made me think outside the box on how to be more creative with what I have. I try to look at the positive side of things. I have more time to take care of myself, to be there for my friends, to do sports and to do the things that I like, which I didn’t have the time for before all of this.”

Talking about this photo shoot and the Lanvin pieces she wore, Lazuardy definitely feels the youthful energy that Bruno Sialelli brought to the brand. More importantly, she would love to see more of Sialelli’s works and how they define the maison’s identity.


Daffa Wardhana may have just graduated from university this year Wardhana had to return to Indonesia in March and finished the rest of his term online. The Melbourne University graduate has

always wanted to start his own business, but with everything that’s been happening lately, Wardhana hesitated. However, seeing how the online food delivery business has grown exponentially during periods of lockdown, he decided to just dive in and start his own food-and-beverage venture.

Long story short, together with his business partner, Wardhana established Bambinos Deep Dish, which specialises in Chicago-style deep dish pizza and has gained a lot of momentum on social media. For one, it has sold over 1,000 pies in its first one and a half month in business. Bambinos also participated in a charity event and donated part of its profits to Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa. “It’s quite the milestone for me that during this difficult time I could start a business and at the same time, give back to the community,” Wardhana remarks.

But it hasn’t stopped there. Wardhana is currently interning at a venture capital firm and also doing a podcast with six of his friends titled Tuju(h)an. In its first season, the show invited professionals from various industries to share their knowledge and success stories. Through Tuju(h)an, Wardhana hopes that the seven of them and their listeners could learn and find their purposes in life. For now, though, Wardhana keeps himself positive and balanced by working out and through sports. “I feel like God has given us this free feel-good booster,” he explains. “After working out, your body feels great, happier and energized. I tend to think clearer, too, afterwards and I find that when I get back to work, I can find better solutions when problems arise.”

As a final note, it was certainly interesting to see Wardhana, who confesses that he is not deeply into fashion, regard the pieces he wore during the photo shoot. “I think it’s really fresh, with younger people in mind,” he observes, before adding: “But yes, the concept of this shoot also really matches the collection. I can definitely see young people wearing the collection.”


Mikha Tambayong leads a busy life as an actor, singer, entrepreneur, student, and ambassador for Yayasan Jantung Indonesia. “I just released a song titled ‘Tak Tergantikan’ as tribute to my late mother. Of all the projects I did this year, this is the one I’m most proud of,” Tambayong describes. “She raised me to become the person that I am today. The reason I’m working on a master’s degree is because one of her last wishes was to see her daughter become strong, smart and independent.”

Education is something that Tambayong is really passionate about. “I even decided to limit my work in the entertainment industry when I getting my bachelor degree and only accept jobs on weekends or during semester breaks,” she recalls. “Studying is something that I really enjoy. And studying law, in particular, helped me to become an advocate for women. This is also what inspired me to establish Sister & Co Advocacy, a women-based legal and business consultancy.” Another highlight for Tambayong was when she got the chance to take a course at Harvard Business School. “Studying in one of the Ivy League universities is a long-time dream of mine. I was supposed to go this year, but because of the pandemic all courses will be online. But that hasn’t dampened my spirits or my drive to learn.”

Speaking of which, Tambayong has also learned to find blessings in disguise amid a world in crisis. “I’m trying to look at the bright side of things. And since I’m always busy and can rarely spend time at home, I can now enjoy things like having dinner with my family, reading books, self-reflection and re-strategize my life plans. I’ve come to realize that I need to be mindful and always be grateful.”

One thing Tambayong was grateful for recently, was apparently this very fashion shoot. “On the day before the shoot, they sent me a preview of what I’m going to wear, and surprisingly the outfit that I would wear was also worn by Bella Hadid and I was like, ‘Oh My God, are you guys kidding me?’” she happily recalls. “It turned out that it fits me really well and I fell in love with the dress. During the shoot, wearing the dress, I felt like a million dollars.”


For actor Jerome Kurnia, reaching adulthood is the most important milestone in life. “I must say the moment I’m parting with childhood and facing reality is the moment where I want to find who I am and what kind of purpose in life that I want to pursue,” he elaborates.

“After I graduated, I started working in a law firm. But that didn’t give me a feeling of fulfilment,” Kurnia says about his journey after obtaining a law degree from Pelita Harapan University. “Then I switched careers and became a radio announcer at Virgin Radio in Jakarta. I was happy, but I was still looking for something.” But it wasn’t too long before he found his Eureka moment. “A friend of mine, who was working at an advertising agency, once told me that he will be working in the same industry for the rest of his life because he is very passionate about it,” Kurnia reminisces. “At first I didn’t understand what he meant because at the time, I hadn’t found my passion yet. Then one day, I was looking at old photos in my Facebook account and saw pictures of me playing in theatre. It reminded me how much I love acting in school.” What came next was quite obvious. After a long conversation with himself, Kurnia decided to give it a shot. He made his acting debut as Robert Suurhoff in “Bumi Manusia,” which also got him nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 2019 Indonesia Film Festival and the 2020 Indonesia Movie Actor Awards. “I felt grateful and learned a lot at the same time,” Kurnia says. “Becoming an actor and facing the long journey ahead taught me to never stop learning. On the other hand, I’m also learning to always listen to my heart.”

Interestingly, during the shoot, Kurnia learned something new about fashion. About Lanvin, that is. “It’s a very cool collection. At first, I thought that this brand wouldn’t really fit young people. So, I was surprised with how it looks and I think this new collection is definitely great for young people,” he gushes. “It feels comfortable and relatable. It’s not tacky, it’s not pretending to be expensive, but it looks very exquisite.”


“One of the most remarkable milestones in my life was when I started a career in the media industry as fashion writer and reached the position of deputy editor-in-chief in less than four years,” content creator Ayla Dimitri remarks. While it was, at the time, her dream job, Dimitri saw other opportunities ahead and decided to focus on content creation.

Smooth seas, as the saying goes, don’t make good sailors – which is something that Dimitri knows all too well. “I would say that failure is also a milestone as it changes my mindset,” she elaborates. “I try not see it as something negative but instead focus on how I can overcome and learn from it. Life taught me to become a stronger and more resilient person.”

For now, as a social media personality, Dimitri has been especially active. “I have to admit that during the pandemic, I spend more time on my phones and other electronic devices. For me, social media can be a platform to foster more creativity or spread inspiration and ideas. At the same time, we can’t close our eyes to the prevalence of hoaxes and cyberbullying. It’s more important than ever for us to become wiser and take the time to process things in our feeds before sharing it again.”

Last but not least, given her background in fashion, it came as no surprise that Dimitri was quite interested in the pieces she wore for this fashion feature. “The collection under Bruno Sialeli is like a breath of fresh air. Because all this time, Lanvin is known for sleek, tailored, and elegant looks,” she begins. After commenting on the fashion house’s more typical styles, she continues: “Now I see that Lanvin, under Bruno Sialeli, is more dynamic, more wearable, lighter and able to cater to many styles. There’s a sporty side and an urban side as well, along with also pieces that are very wearable. Before, I would be hesitant to walk to Lanvin boutiques, but now it feels more comfortable and approachable.”






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