Stricter enforcement against foreign vehicles fill up RON 95


PUTRAJAYA — The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Ministry will increase its enforcement on RON 95 purchase activity done by any foreign cars entering from neighbouring countries.

According to a statement by KPDNHEP Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi, to curb this activity the KPDNHEP has increased its enforcement to ensure foreign cars and motorcycles are not allowed to purchase the RON 95 petrol throughout the country.

“Since the borders opened on April 1, more cars are entering from neighbouring countries and it was reported by the media and public that foreign cars are buying RON 95 from petrol stations.

“However, foreign vehicles are allowed to purchase RON 97 petrol in all the stations nationwide.” he said.

In a latest meeting between the KPDNHEP and the Malaysian Petrol Station Operators Association, the association has notified their support and commitment to ensure all petrol stations in Malaysia adhere to the law pertaining not to sell RON 95 petrol to vehicles from foreign countries., he added.

The Ministry has mobilised 2,200 officers from KPDNHEP enforcement unit to carry out inspection and increase enforcement activities around the country. An operation known as ‘Ops Samar’ also carried out by plain clothes enforcement officers.

According to the Minister, any person or petrol station operator nabbed for an offence, action will be taken under the Control of Supplies Act 1961 and even stern action by suspending the petrol station operator license.

Any individual or operator of the petrol station found committing the offense could be prosecuted under the Control of Supply Act 1961 (Act 122).

“If convicted, the offender can be fined not more than RM1 million, and for subsequent offences not more than RM3 million for an individual, or jail not exceeding three years or both.

“For companies, if convicted, they can be fined not more than RM2 million while for subsequent offences not more than RM5 million. The ministry will also take stern action by temporarily suspending the licences of the petrol station operators involved until the investigation is completed.

“The ministry has issued a stern warning to all persons and petrol station operators that the ministry will not compromise with any party found guilty. Strict action will be taken including prosecuting them in Court based on legal provisions under the Control of Supply Act 1961,” he highlighted.

The public is urged to provide any information to the Ministry via the provided channels.

  1. WhatsApp 019-279 4317
  2. Portal Aduan;

      3. Call Centre 1-800-886-800

      4.Emel [email protected]


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