Sundae Kids launches line focusing on gender equality


Thailand’s illustrator couple, Sundae Kids, has launched a fashion line contributing to gender equality.

The collection was designed from a unisex perspective, focusing on a streetwear look for both men and women comprising 19 clothing and accessory items, and is sold on an e-commerce shopping space called Open/End.

“We wanted to use the designs to show ways to be authentic to your true self, as well as how good it feels to be authentic,” Sundae Kids said in a statement. “…this opportunity allowed us to broaden our scope to a more diverse reach, and the designs are envisioned to suit anyone of any gender.”

Open/End is a platform designed for young artists to express their individual voices through graphics and craftsmanship. Sundae Kids line is the first Open/End’s collaboration. 

“Through this collaboration, we have worked closely with Sundae Kids to establish original stories through comics to raise awareness of gender equality,” Open/End said on its website.

Sundae Kids is a couple based in Bangkok, Thailand, with more than 550,000 global fans. Kavin serves as the pair’s art director, and Pratchaya is an illustrator.

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