Texas man accused of stealing US flags from Midlands neighborhood


A Texas man has been accused of stealing several flags from outside of homes in a Lexington neighborhood.

The Lexington Police Department arrested the man in Wellesley, the neighborhood where the flags were stolen. He has been charged with seven counts of petit larceny.

The man told officers during an interview that he was staying with friends in Wellesley, according to a news release. He confessed to stealing the flags but said he did not know why he took them or remember where he put them because he was heavily intoxicated.

In total, eight American flags and a decorative yard flag were stolen between June 25 and July 12, according to the Lexington County Police Department.

The man had been caught on security footage taking the flags. Police found him after a Wellesley resident reported seeing someone walking the neighborhood Wednesday night who looked like the suspect in the footage.

He is being held at the Lexington County Detention Center with a bond of $1,400.

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