Thai-Russian concern the Caviar House is farming sturgeon in Hua Hin, Caviar House of Bangkok

ONCE AN ALL-TO-RARE delicacy found only in top hotels |and on the most elite dinner tables, caviar will soon be much more widely available thanks to Thai-Russian firm, Caviar House, whose efforts to raise the sturgeon which produce the coveted roe are starting to pay off.

The Thai Sturgeon Farm, which was set up in Hua Hin back in 2014 to raise sturgeon fish both for their eggs and meat, is currently acquiring fingerlings or baby fish for the farm and once they reach their full potential, some 2,000 kilograms of black caviar will be produced every year and distributed on the Thai market.

“It takes a long time to get caviar, especially good quality caviar,” says the Bangkok-based Russian co-founder of Caviar House, Alexey Tyutin, during a recent intimate tasting session.“It takes about two years to determine the sex of the fish. The male will be grown for meat, which is very delicious and rare, while the female will be kept for caviar. As they breed naturally in a cold climate, much care is needed to maintain the right environment, feeding content and conditions so the fish grow up to be strong and healthy and we can harvest the eggs.”

Thai Sturgeon Farm Co., Ltd (hereinafter “TSF”) was set up on November 6, 2554 with a capital of 6.0 million Thai Baht; registration No. 0775554002068.

TSF owns a land plot NS3 title deed No. 1355 land No.57 located in Hua Hin, Prachua Khiri Kham province.

The aim of the project is to farm in closed recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii) with the purpose of producing meat, caviar and value-added products for national and international markets; with a maximum production capacity of 1,500 kg of black caviar per year.

Closed recirculation aquaculture systems farm consists of foldable fish tanks, mechanical drum filters, perfused bio-filter, oxygen generator, oxygenators, ozone generators, chamber of ozonation, adder pools and a pump system.

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