Thailand Post courts IoT box consultancy


Thailand Post wants to launch smart parcel pick-up boxes to cater to the delivery business in mid-2021, with a plan to roll out 30,000 boxes in the first three years.

These smart lockers will serve the new digital lifestyle of customers who can use the service around the clock, including patients picking up medicine sent by hospitals, said Korkij Danchaivichit, chief executive of Thailand Post.

Users need to download an application to use the boxes.

Mr Korkij said the project is part of the company’s 360-degree digitalisation scheme for the post and parcel delivery business to boost its agility and competency amid the ongoing economic downturn and fierce logistics competition.

The terms of reference to hire a consultancy firm to study the project are expected to be wrapped up by this year.

A billion baht may be needed for the project, which would comprise 30,000 pick-up boxes, he said.

At present, Thailand Post provides delivery service for medicines sent by hospitals to patients with a special type of parcel for drugs.

The delivery service for this sector generates an average of 10 million baht per month for Thailand Post, said Mr Korkij.

Demand for delivery services catering to hospitals and patients continues to grow, particularly the delivery of medicine under temperature control.

He said the smart parcel pick-up boxes would be installed at post offices across the country as well as other locations, offering pick-up around the clock for customers.

Among the key locations are sub-district health promotion hospitals across the country, said Mr Korkij.

Thailand Post also plans to install an Internet of Things-embedded system at 22,000 post boxes across the country by 2023.

The first batch of 1,000 is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The system will help reduce management costs for staff as mail and postcard delivery via post boxes is diminishing.

The system would be supported by CAT Telecom.

Thailand Post wants to gear up for two other services this year as well, said Mr Korkij.

The first concerns the sale of Microsoft programmes for state agencies, especially tambon administrative organisations, at post offices through a collaboration with Microsoft Singapore.

Another is to work with Krungthai Bank to serve people paying property and land taxes via post offices.

Thailand Post booked 22 billion baht in revenue last year.

In the first half of this year, total revenue was 12 billion baht and profit surpassed 1 billion.

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