The Best 20 Places in Bangkok to Take Instagram Pictures


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Published: May 29, 2020

Wat Arun

Wat Arun image by Thanakorn.P

One of the most stunning temples in Bangkok located on the bank of the Chao Praya river. Wat Arun is best known for its massive prang (pagodas) and wonderful structural design which is totally different from other temples.

Wat Arun image by KOSIN SUKHUM

Difficult to tell when is the best time to take pictures here as the temple is worth a capture both day and night. When the sun sets the temple is lit up like a gold building against the sky.

Opening Hours: 8 am – 6 pm

Location: Click to see the map

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Wat Pho

Wat Pho by Thomas Ballandras

Well known for the Reclining Buddha which is the 3rd biggest Buddha statue in Thailand, 46-meter long covered in gold leaf. Moreover, this temple has the greatest number of stupas among temples in Bangkok which is around 99 stupas in total. Taking a photo of you standing among them is also a good idea.

Wat Pho image by amadeustx

Wat Pho usually gets busy during the day. If you want cool photos without photobombs, we recommend you go there at night – closed at 11 PM. Even though you cannot see the Reclining Buddha, the Four Great Stupas lit up during the night are very amazing.

Opening Hours: 8 am – 6:30 pm

Location: Click to see the map

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Ratchada Train Night Market

Ratchada Train Night Market image

Night lights always give a lively vibe and the local’s way of life is also a nice thing to see. This vintage night market is a combination of such things mentioned. Ratchada market is one of the very popular spots to check-in for many tourists around the world and even locals. Lots of interesting things to capture – people, foods, local restaurants, vintage bars, and thousands of cool stuff. The rooftop bar is a recommended spot to take a photo of panoramic views of the market – colourful stall tents are iconic!

Opening Hours: 5 pm – 1 am

Location: Click to see the map

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Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market image

One of the world’s largest weekend markets, full of crowds and shops selling interesting items. Crowds on the main street in the middle of the market is a popular shot posted on social. However, there is a lot of cool things in small alleys waiting for you to discover. 

Opening Hours:

  • Wednesday and Thursday 7 am – 6 pm (Plant section only)
  • Friday 6 pm – 12 pm (Wholesale only)
  • Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 6 pm (Whole Market)

Location: Click to see the map

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Chinatown image by Pietro Motta

One of the most popular hubs of street foods in Bangkok, Chinatown is not only a street for foodies but photographers as well. During the day, this area is charming and full of mixed cultures of Thai and Chinese which are great photo opportunities. You can walk along the street – about 1 km. and take tons of awesome photos.

Chinatown image by Nara

While at night the street presents a completely different atmosphere and catches every eye with its colourful lights. If you are in Bangkok, do not miss going there for food and good photos! 

Location: Click to see the map

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Asiatique the River Front

Asiatique the River Front image

The first and the largest night-lifestyle venue riverfront in Asia located on the Chao Phraya River. Which combines shopping, dining, sightseeing, activities, and events under one roof. This place plays with the concept of cultural heritage and a global lifestyle. Many spots are surely going to be your great photography backdrops. Its highlight is the gigantic Ferris wheel that you can buy a ticket to enjoy the 360-degree city views.

Opening hours: 4 pm – midnight

LocationClick to see the map

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Wat Benchamabophit

Wat Benchamabophit by Marco Nürnberger

Also known as The Marble Temple that stands out because of its magnificent marble pillars. The entire chapel is decorated with marbles imported from Italy and it is so breathtaking. This is also said that it is one of the most temples in the city. If you visit Bangkok, we recommend you go there as you will be amazed by the beautiful architecture and get lots of great photos for sure. A little idea we would like to recommend is a photo of the door frame with the temple inside sparkling with the sunlight would be a very nice shot for your Instagram.

Opening Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Location: Click to see the map

The Commons Thonglor

The Commons Thonglor by Obs70

A contemporary shopping complex with interesting artful outdoor spaces, artisanal products, eateries, and a market. The 4-story architecture is divided into four areas and each area has its own character, so photo opportunities are around. It is an open space where creative people gather, so you will have fun taking photos of lots of creative stuff.

The Commons Thonglor 17 by Premshree Pillai

If you are looking for a place where you can be relaxed drinking coffee and get some good photos, add this on your list. 

Opening Hours: 8 am – 1 pm

Location: Click to see the map

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Lhong 1919

One of the ecotourism destinations in Bangkok, located on the bank of Chao Phraya River, preserving many ancient Thai – Chinese arts and architectures. Date back to King Rama 4 period this place was a very important pier. Currently, it has been renovated and opened as a public space.

The recommended spots are MAZU Shrine and the renovated building. If you  are so into something classic, do not miss this place. 

Opening Hours: 8 am – 8 pm

Location: Click to see the map

Chang Chui Creative Park

ChangChui Creative Park by @ChangChuiBKK Facebook

ChangChui Creative Park is really a place for people who are seeking for some inspiration and creative ideas through arts. It was built under the concept of unlimited creativity and is a centre of a shooting gallery, vintage shops, artist studios, café, bars, concert halls, and food stalls. There is a lot of photo opportunities in every corner. And the highlight is the old plane which is amazingly decorated. The design of other buildings is interesting as well.

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Fri 4 pm – 11 pm
  • Sat – Sun 11 am – 11 pm

Location: Click to see the map

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Talad Noi Area

Talad Noi Area by MR. KHATAWUT

This area is charming with its vintage atmosphere that presents a balance of ancient Thai and Chinese cultures and ways of life. Along the streets, there are many old wooden houses and vintage buildings that are so attractive and hard to find anywhere else in the city. Also, every corner of each small alley filled with fascinating and lovely street arts telling stories of local life.

 Holy Rosary Church by AMMLERY

Besides the street arts, this area is a setting of the magnificent Holy Rosary Church which is one of the landmarks in this area. If you are passionate about street art, culture, and vintage style, do not hesitate to mark this area on your map!

Location: Click to see the map

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Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Vile by SIHASAKPRACHUM

The European style of houses and buildings are set up beautifully in Chocolate Vile. If you are looking for a wonderful place giving a cozy feeling, this is absolutely recommended. You will not get bored taking photos of many well-designed restaurants with colorful pastel buildings, and lovely corners surrounding.

Opening Hours: 4 pm – 12 am

Location: Click to see the map

Chong Nonsi Pedestrian Bridge

Chong Nonsi Pedestrian Bridge image

A unique skywalk connecting Chongnosi BTS Station and Satorn BRT Station is an urban landmark in Bangkok. Also is arguably the most beautiful skywalk in the city with a stunning structural design that is similar to a suspension bridge. Plus, high modern office buildings surrounding makes the bridge looks very artistic. Many series and advertisements use this bridge as a setting as well.

Location: Click to see the map

Mahanakhon Skywalk

Bangkok's views from the Mahanakhon Skywalk by Aaron TW

If you are an adventure seeker and want to frame Bangkok’s dramatic panoramic views while standing on a glass floor, we recommend you carry your camera and head to Mahanakorn Skywalk. Reaching the 78th floor at 310 meters high of King Power Mahanakhon, Thailand’s tallest building, you will be treated with the stunning cityscape.

Location: Click to see the map

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Baan Bangkhen

Baan Bangkhen by

If you are looking for a photoshoot location under the 90s theme, Baan Bangkhen is a perfect option. This place is a museum preserving plenty of Thai antiques and collectibles during the 90s period. Including old-style Thai wooden and brick houses that create nostalgia atmosphere. Even though you are not Thai, you will also feel like jumping on a time machine going back to the past.

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Location: Click to see the map

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Hua Lamphong Railway Station

Hua Lamphong Railway Station by toastal

Hua Lamphong is a place full of charm and great for photography. It is not just a railway station, but it is a place where you can feel the diversity of people in society. Both inside the beautiful terminal and the platform outside will always have something you find worth capturing.

Location: Click to see the map

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Bang Rak Fire Station

Bang Rak Fire Station by m-louis .®

If you are passionate about taking a photo of old fascinating buildings, Bang Rak Fire Station is worth a visit. With the unique Neo-Palladian style of the 120-year building, makes it outstanding and draws dozens of visitors. You can also get inside the building. 

Location: Click to see the map

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Wat Saket or The Golden Mount

Wat Saket or The Golden Mount image

One of Bangkok’s oldest temples best known for its 80-meter-high-hill and the huge gilded stupa on top of it. Also. It was once the highest point of Bangkok where you will get a bird’s eye view looking at the city below. Along the way of climbing to the peak, there is a small garden and various sizes of bells hanging. The stupa lit up with the sun above is one of its iconic shots.

Opening Hours: 7:30 am – 7 pm

Location: Click to see the map

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Wat Ratchanatdaram or Loha Prasat

Wat Ratchanatdaram or Loha Prasat by anek.soowannaphoom

Wat Ratchanatdaram is best known for the majestic Loha Prasat, standing 36 meters tall in the centre of the temple with 37 surrounding spires. It is also known as “Metal Palace”. Currently, it is considered the only one palace whose roof covered by bronze tiles and the only building having this kind of design in this world.

Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Location: Click to see the map

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Naiipa Art Complex

Naiipa Art Complex by nuu_jeed

Naiipa Art Complex is actually an office building for rent that is famous for its unique glass box design reflecting the green forests and the skywalk which is so nice for photography. This splendid complex was built with a very strong passion to be a centre of people interested in artworks and also loving nature. There are several pretty coffee shops where you can relax and enjoy taking some shots having the green forests as a huge backdrop. If you like artistic stuff and want to feel nature in the middle of the chaos city, you cannot miss it!

Opening Hours: 9 am – 8 pm

Location: Click here to see the map

Photo credits from Shutterstock and Flickre: Thanakorn.P, KOSIN SUKHUM, Thomas Ballandras, amadeustx, Pietro Motta, Ninara, Marco Nürnberger, Obs70, Premshree Pillai, Paul Arps, Paul Arps, @ChangChuiBKK Facebook, MR. KHATAWUT, AMMLERY, SIHASAKPRACHUM, Aaron TW, Somluck Rungaree, toastal, m-louis .®, anek.soowannaphoom, nuu_jeed, and Tanee Sawasdee

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