The evolution of the Bulgari brand: from jewels to luxury resort


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The history of the Bulgari brand began well 137 years ago, when Sotirios Voulgaris, a silversmith from Epirus (a geographical region of South-Eastern Europe belonging to southern Albania and North-Western Greece), came to Italy to look for luck.

After escaping from his homeland, where bloody struggles between Greeks and Turks were going on, intent on bringing Italy’s rich classical goldsmith tradition to classical Greece, Sotirios Voulgaris(in Italian Sotirio Bulgari) came to Naples in 1881.

But it is in Rome that officially begins the glorious history of the Bulgari brand, when the first store in via Sistina was opened: from that moment on, the success of this luxury brand has never stopped.

In this article we will tell the story of Sotirios Voulgaris, the birth of his jewels and how the Bulgari brand has evolved over the years.

Bulgari showcase

Bulgari bolt necklace

Bulgarian snake necklace

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This post is also available in:
Italiano Español

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