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The Legality of Online Casinos in New Zealand


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Many countries are struggling to keep up with the rapidly shifting and growing world of online gambling. This market, even in the last few years, has exploded, with reports suggesting that the overall online gambling market has doubled to be worth just over NZ$100bn. It’s evident that the legislation countries enacted regarding online gambling, if any, are in dire need of reform to handle the developing situations.

Are Online Casinos Legal in NZ?

The current law concerning online gambling in New Zealand is the Gambling Act, which was introduced in 2002 and enacted in 2003. While this act still aims to control factors such as gambling growth and authorising certain types of gambling, it’s understandable to not foresee the global online gambling market today, from over 18 years ago. The Gambling Act still forbids companies to provide gambling services from within the borders of New Zealand, except for government-supervised organisations such as the Lotto New Zealand and the TAB.

It is, however, completely legal for both offshore companies to offer their services to New Zealanders and New Zealanders seeking out offshore online casinos to gamble on. However, major problems arise from this, such as unregulated offshore online gambling sites posing harm to New Zealanders and these offshore companies providing little to no return for the country.

A review of online gambling in New Zealand is gravely needed to ensure the protection of the people and to regulate the online gambling world to carry into the future as best as possible.New Zealand Flag

The Harm of Unregulated Online Casinos,

Unregulated online casinos are incredibly detrimental to gamblers, not just in New Zealand, but around the world. These types of online casinos often have no agenda regarding player wellbeing and safeguarding players. Not only this, but players are often disadvantaged, as there is an absence of player protection that could be offered to their regulated counterparts. We can see this in areas such as ‘Responsible Gambling’ that provide tools and information for vulnerable people to either avoid gambling addiction or help those overcome their addiction with ties to professional organisations on gambling sites.

In addition, if a New Zealander gambles at an unregulated offshore online casino, there would be reduced protection for that person from the perspective of New Zealand law if something unlikely happens.

Legal Online Casinos

There are, however, still many legal and legitimate online casinos that are targeted towards New Zealand gamblers. Online gambling jurisdictions still regulated these online casinos, despite not being under New Zealand’s law. These jurisdictions provide regulations of varying degrees of strictness between each other in an attempt to protect players, provide fair gaming, and prevent crime related to online gambling, such as money laundering.

The Malta Gaming Authority is one of the strictest regulatory bodies, providing licenses to online casinos that can prove they are adequately protecting vulnerable players, promoting responsible gambling, and keeping gaming free of criminal activities, to name a few. They are a reputable authority within online casino jurisdictions and are keen to ensure they remain one of the most reputable within the gaming industry.

You can usually find the licensing and regulation information at a casino’s homepage or on a dedicated page on their website. Make sure to always take the time to check for yourself, and especially that the license information is indeed still in date.

How can I Find Legitimate and Legal Online Casinos in New Zealand?

As there are new online casinos added to the market every week, it’s difficult to research and select an online casino to fit your preferences, so finding a reliable casino review site allows players to have the hard work done for them and get straight on to enjoying an online casino and being entertained. Sites like compile and review the top online casinos for New Zealand players, ensuring all the online casinos on their site are fully licensed and regulated.

In addition, online casino review sites like compare the most important features of an online casino for New Zealand players, such as Welcome Bonuses, payment methods, game selection, and customer support details are all covered. So, at a glance, you can see which casinos suit your preferences.

Security and Safety

Naturally, when inputting sensitive information such as payment details online, many people are concerned with how safe a site is. No gambler would use a site if they had even a slight worry that an online casino seemed unsafe. Of course, a fully-licensed online casino mitigates this worry immediately, however, there is another way to check within seconds the security of a site.

Worthy and safe sites will always have a locked padlock symbol to the left of the URL. This will let you know your connection to a website is secure. When navigating to a banking page of an online casino, be sure to locate this symbol for quick peace of mind.

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