The Mulia Hotels & Resorts taps into Trip Affiliates Network’s solutions | TTG Asia


The Mulia Hotels & Resorts (MUHR) and Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) have signed an agreement enabling MUHR to access TA Network’s online direct booking solutions for offline travel agencies, wholesalers and corporate travel intermediaries.

TA Network’s managing partner Ho Siang Twang shared that hotels will “need to implement an even higher level of automation in managing their direct booking partnerships with their preferred agents and corporates” in this post-pandemic environment where there are widespread staffing shortages.

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MUHR gets a distribution boost with TA Network

Bagus Artadi, director – revenue & digital distribution, The Mulia Hotel said: “TA Network solutions has enabled Mulia Hotels & Residences to manage the conservative wholesale contract digitally which makes our B2B distribution more efficient and effective.

“Additionally, we will have access to business opportunities to work with several major channels integrated with the TA Network and our onboarding process with new partners will be faster.”

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