The new COVID-19 cases in France exceeded 100,000 cases


PARIS: France set a new COVID-19 case record on Saturday, the first to exceed the 100,000 level since the pandemic began, the Anadolu Agency reported.

Public health department data showed 104,611 new cases had been registered, an increase of 84,272 cases since Dec. 22.

The surge was driven by the detection of the Omicron variant in the last week of November.

Health authorities previously projected daily cases could reach 100,00 cases by the end of the month.

Accordingly some new safety measures may be introduced before the New Year celebrations.

On Monday President Emmanuel Macron is scheduled to chair a health council meeting and a vaccine pass bill is expected to be presented to the Council of Ministers.

The government intends to adopt the bill in January that mandates booster dose injections into the adult population.

The bill would also impose stricter restrictions on the five million people who refuse to be vaccinated.


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