The Nile Niami Beverly Hills Spec Home Finally Sells


This palatial Beverly Hills compound by megamansion developer Nile Niami, finally sells for $48.4M after 3 long years on the market.

Sweeping across the overpopulated scene luxury homes up for grabs, this palatial Beverly Hills compound first made its presence known in a loud champagne-filled promotional video by megamansion developer Nile Niami, in 2017. The unapologetically sexy promotional video featuring models slathered in gold paint parading around its luxurious interiors, was a not-so-subtle appeal to testosterone-charged buyers. Set for at least $100M, the residence unexpectedly stayed in the market for a total of three years before finally announcing its much awaited purchase on 24th November 2020.

Selling for much less than anticipated, the deal worth $48.4M was represented by Branden and Rayni Williams of the Williams & Williams at The Beverly Hills Estates agency. Complete with seven-bedrooms, 11-bathrooms, an in-door car museum, and most notably a contemporary glass and polished-stone behemoth designed by architect Paul McClean, this fully-furnished residence spans over 22,000 square feet, and has since undergone specific aesthetic changes, including repurposing a dedicated Champagne refrigerator into a temperature-controlled pantry.

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