The pandemic practices that will persist in HK: Research


TOP OF THE CHARTS: With zero local Covid cases for weeks, Hong Kongers are cautiously looking to lead more normal lives, but remain cautious about their health and safety, according to research by Publicis Groupe.

The pandemic practices that will persist in HK: Research

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Source: Publicis’ Covid-19 tracker, which is an online survey across 16 Asian markets, including Hong Kong, to decode the level of concern and the impact on consumption intent and media behavior due to the pandemic.

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  • An omni-channel strategy is critical in Hong Kong, where offline commerce continues to hold strong, despite the growth of ecommerce. 
  • Hong Kongers are keen on live entertainment and following existing government guidelines, brands can use this opportunity to inject some fun into a cautious market with no cases, but plenty of caution.  
  • However, these live experiences need to be tied to robust social media campaigns, given the growth of social and mobile in the market. 
  • Consumers want brands can use their marketing platforms to advocate for their health and wellness. 

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