The theaters of Milan illuminated for one evening: the desire to start over and take back the scene


Milan, night effect, lights that have been out for months shine on via Rovello. Under the bulbs that form the words “Piccolo Teatro”, a legendary luminous lettering, the doors are open. You cannot enter, but the glimpse of the deserted foyer is like a curtain that rises on silence. Someone ventures into the Cloister, ordered and spaced squads. Workers of the Piccolo, actors (Laura Marinoni, Fausto Russo Alesi, Francesco Colella, Valentina Picello), spectators who feel “orphans, deprived of the oldest form of assembly known to our civilization”, says Roberta, while Raffaele Kohler with his trumpet, a little further on, makes you feel all the melancholy on the notes of Nino Rota.

Last night, the Milan theaters lit up, from 19.30 to 21.30, simultaneously with the hundreds of other Italian theaters that joined “Let’s light up the theaters!”, The symbolic mobilization promoted by Unita (National Union of interpreters theater and audiovisual) as a kind invitation to put the spotlight on the live show, left in the darkness behind the political agenda. The goal is not to gather the crowds, but to send out a signal. About a hundred people gathered in the churchyard of the Strehler, almost as many in via Rovello, where the councilor for culture Filippo Del Corno arrives. “I am here to express closeness and solidarity to what is not a protest but a proposal: to arrange a planned and non-reversible reopening. Social reactivation needs culture, which is the heart of every democratic society”. No gatherings, composed but stubborn participation even in Parenti, all enlightened.

You can enter and then exit Largo Franco Parenti. Someone stops in the foyer, at properly spaced tables. “We are not indifferent to the health emergency, but we cannot be indifferent to the loss, the emptying, the confusion generated by the closure of theaters”, says Andrée Ruth Shammah. “Let’s reopen, we can do it – reiterates Alessi Boni, who comes from Manzoni and then will move on to the Piccolo – the crisis of culture risks being worse than the economic crisis. Let’s hope in Draghi, finally a prime minister who pronounces the word” theater “” . The spectators nod and in the meantime leave messages, “Thank you for existing and resisting, writes Fiorenza. Lella and Roberto:” What a thrill to see the theater illuminated again “.

“If there is no theater, life is missing”, says Simona. Shammah gives everyone a flower, but three of her subscribers, Grazia, Giulia, Erminia, pass it by presenting themselves with a purple gerbera. Small gestures of a community that tries to find itself. Last night Milan lit up almost everywhere there is a theater. La Scala, which is always illuminated but was warmer for the occasion, the Auditorium of the Verdi Orchestra. And then Triennale Teatro, Carcano, the two rooms of MTM (Litta and Leonardo), Filodrammatici, Out Off, Fontana, Cooperativa, Pacta Salone, Alta Luce, Pim Off.

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