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The Treasure Chest Of Wonders For Hosting An Elegant And Exclusive Wardrobe


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Wonder combined with a feeling of pleasantness and aesthetic enjoyment is the result wished and achieved by Armando Rho in the production of its furnishing. Through a process of creative reinterpretation, classic shapes are transformed into prestigious pieces of furniture to meet the needs of customers who do not compromise on quality and elegance.

Armando Rho started its search path in the wood industry focusing on the discovery of rare and precious essences in unusual color shades, creating furniture singular and original.

Transforming a service room that could appear just to be functional into an authentic treasure chest capable of hosting an elegant and exclusive wardrobe is for Armando Rho an exercise of skill and passion in full harmony with the Client’s taste. Generous, exclusive and rational spaces are embellished with lacquered surfaces and large mirrors for the noble exercise of an elegant dressing. Almost a wall-to-wall boiserie where gildings are enhanced by a lively but discreet lighting for the taste of living and looking good.

These are details that can surprise and capture the imagination of even the most demanding client and which, when combined with taste and expertise, contribute to the magic of Armando Rho furniture.

Everything is consistent with Armando Rho’s production philosophy. In the past, formal classic furniture focusing on high quality was produced. But, in recent years, the company has introduced new techniques or already existing techniques which have been lost over the centuries. This magnificient wardrobe is efficient and at the same time has an outstanding beauty.

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