These angels sell retirement plans for Manulife


Ad Nut enjoys the fact that Hong Kong advertisers and agencies display undeterred devotion to broad silliness in their campaigns.

In this example—a new campaign for Manulife by Dentsu Mcgarrybowen—local well-knowns Sandra Ng and Edan Lui vamp it up as a couple of angel types* who watch over the city’s citizens using omniscient surveillance technology. Sometimes they are forced to intervene directly to show people the error of their ways, but only when it comes to retirement planning. In such cases, they not-so-subtly educate such people about the products that Manulife has to offer.

It’s a fun premise, albeit lifted from It’s a Wonderful Life and other Hollywood fodder, and it suits the purpose. The stars also seem to have fun with it, and there’s some outtakes at the end to remind us that the brand knows it’s all fairly silly.

This kind of advertising is not everyone’s cup of tea, but in Ad Nut’s book it’s a damn sight better than an overblown tearjerker or a montage of emotional moments that sinks into the sea of sameness.

* Officially, according to a release, they are “destiny mentors from the Great Beyond”.


Client: Manulife Hong Kong

Agencies: Dentsumcgarrybowen, iPropsect, PHD

Production House: The Film Factory

Director: Chan Man Chung

Photographer: Ka On

Dentsu Mcgarrybowen:

Simone Tam, CEO

Jeffry Gamble, CCO

Anna Wong, Chief Growth Officer

Christy Leung, Head of Creative Services

Andrea Choi, Associate Creative Director

Tish Sin, Digital Art Director

Kuga Ku, Art Director

YeeChing Wong, Senior Strategist

Venus Yeung, Community Manager

Rosa Pang, Senior Account Director

Tim Lam, Senior Account Manager

Sharon Ling, Senior Account Executive

Hazel Wong, Account Executive


Karen Fu, Associate Media Director


Anna Kwok, Buying Group Head

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