These Cocktail Rings are Surefire Conversation Starters


There are rings and there are statement rings. If you’d like to step up your jewellery repertoire, these cocktail rings with its bold, striking designs, multi-dimensionality and incredible precious stones will be the right way to go. Here are five rings that caught our fancy.


Architecture has always been a great source of inspiration for Chaumet throughout its history and for its latest high jewellery collection, Perspectives de Chaumet, it revisits the concept through six themes. Skyline is one of them, which interprets urban architecture as symbols of power. Combining dimensionality with transparent effects, and jagged angles with a sensual curves, these jewels are all about making a statement. Case in point is this Skyline ring crafted in yellow gold and set with a 7.34-carat Ascher-cut diamond and calibrated baguette-cut diamonds.


Hailing from Chopard’s latest Red Carpet Collection is this stunning Swan ring that’s crafted in Fairmined ethical 18-karat white gold, and features a 9.1-carat white opal cabochon from Mexico that’s surrounded by ceramic and brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphires. This spectacular ring is just one of the 73 jewels Caroline Scheufele unveiled as part of Chopard’s nature-themed collection.


Gemstone inlaying is an age-old craft that dates back to ancient civilisations, which involves setting a gem within another. A highly specialised and intricate skill – an art, really – it is one that Boghossian has mastered. Stones are meticulously carved and shaped, then set directly into the next one. In the absence of metal, the stones are able to bring out its optimum brilliance. This floral ring where six petals are made from carved turquoise, and at the centre is a diamond inlaid into paraiba, is a magnificent example of this art.

De Beers

The vibrant colours of  butterflies and their transformative symbolism inspires De Beers’ Monarch Butterfly ring, which is set with vivid orange and fancy pink, purple, and green rough diamonds, surrounded by flawless white diamonds that make the piece appear almost ethereal.


Inspired by the designs and chromatic palette of tie-dye, the Tie & Dior collection further enriches the brand’s jewellery universe with abstract forms and beautiful gradations of vibrant colours. This textile dyeing technique often seen in Dior’s couture pieces is executed in jewels and the result is rather extraordinary. One of the pieces from the collection is this double ring crafted in yellow and white gold, platinum, and set with a pink cultured pearl that’s surrounded by a medley of diamonds, pink and blue sapphires, Paraiba-type tourmalines, rubies, emeralds, tsavorite, spessartite garnets and yellow sapphires.

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