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These limited-time camo kicks go hard


Combat Flip Flops released a limited-run, camoflage high-top shoe that no one saw coming.

According to Combat Flip Flop CEO Matthew Griffin, “You can be the cock of the walk in these things.”

Following in the great and multi-century tradition of military dick doodling, from the soldiers who sketched schlongs on Hadrian’s Wall to those brave aviators who dared to draw sky dongs, the veteran-owned footwear company is selling these phallic phenoms for a limited time only.

“We’re making them for two weeks, and after that we’re shutting them off,” Griffin said. “If you get ‘em, you get ‘em.”

For the very tasteful price of $69.69, you can pre-order a pair of these without giving away the family jewels.

The pattern on them, aptly called “Cockoflage,” certainly goes hard … in the paint. For men, there’s the BD-22 and women can choose the BDE. But regardless of gender, it takes real cojones to wear these.

Despite not being made for running and certainly not for combat, these bad boys never suffer from performance issues and can go for hours and hours.

Don’t give your feet the shaft by wearing other shoes. Go whole hog, whip these babies out.

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