This ad captures the momentary hope of winning the lottery


When you’re stuck in the Antarctica for months, there aren’t many ways to glimpse hope or joy. The sun goes out for months, you are shut out of most human contact, and you rely on powdered eggs to make breakfast. Such is the life of a team of researchers in this new film by DDB Aotearoa as part of Lotto NZ’s long-running Imagine campaign.

In this beautifully produced spot, the group of researchers are about to peek at the Lotto Powerball winning numbers but decide to hold off from checking their luck—to allow themselves some time to dream before they get to go home.

To pass off six months in the brutal cold, they indulge in reveries of what they would do with their imaginary lottery winnings. Make a movie about a moose! Build a dream house! Take the kids to see the polar lights! 

Ad Nut commends the use of compelling storytelling and endearing characters even if Ad Nut audibly gasped at the cliffhanger ending. Maybe the nice humans at DDB will consider a sequel.


Client credits: Lotto NZ

Chief Marketing Officer: Annemarie Browne

Head of Brand and Creative: Leah Neilson

Senior Marketing Manager: Genna Duff

Assistant Brand Manager: Sophie Smart

Agency credits: DDB Aotearoa

Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton

Executive Creative Director: Gary Steele

Creative Director: Brett Colliver, Mike Felix

Chief Planning Officer: Rupert Price

Lead Business Partner: Kate Lines

Senior Business Director: Haylee Killip

Senior Business Manager: Fran Schnackenberg

Agency Producer: Claire Colohan

Executive Producer: Judy Thompson

Lead Integrated Producer: Claire Colohan

Integrated Producer: Amanda Summersby

Production Company: Eight

Managing Director / Executive Producer: Katie Millington

Executive Producer: Claire Kelly

Director: Jamie Lawrence

DOP: John Toon

Editor: Alex O’Shaughnessy / Ben Chesters / Nathan Pickles

Casting: Kate McGill

Production Designer: Neville Stevenson

Costume Designer: Amanda Neale

Post House: Toybox

Composer: Cam Ballantyne, Beatworms

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