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This hotel has an unexpected addition to its workforce: Robots


robot hotel

As hoteliers continue to adjust to post-pandemic travel restrictions and guest demands, Hawks Cay Resort has turned to the help of robots to provide more opportunities for its associates to dedicate their time where it matters most, serving guests. The Florida Keys resort has put to work four robots designed for cleaning, as well as two additional robots to support serving staff in its popular dining outlet.

“Service suffered during the pandemic due to COVID protocols,” said Sheldon Suga, vice president and managing director of the resort. “We are now trying to get back to what matters most, personal interaction with guests. We value our human capital and bringing in robots to fill the time-consuming roles has allowed us to put people in more fulfilling roles within the resort while also increasing personal connections with guests.”

The resort has invested in several robots designed for cleaning large areas supporting service staff. The resort has two robots to vacuum and sweep guest corridors and event meeting spaces on a timed schedule, and another two robots focus on solid floor surfaces that dispense a cleaning solution and wipe it clean. At Angler & Ale, the resort’s casual waterfront restaurant, two robots support the food and beverage team by serving prepared meals to guest tables and returning dishes to the kitchen.

Sourced from SoftBank Robotics and Bear Robotics, the machines are powered by artificial intelligence. Each machine has the floorplan of the intended space programmed into its memory, allowing it the ability to offer efficient, contact-less cleaning without delays from bumping into walls or objects.

Since their initial rollout in June this year, the resort has not only received higher guest satisfaction ratings and reviews on cleanliness; but the robots have also become an entertaining highlight to guests who encounter them.

“Guests are delightfully surprised to see the robots,” continued Suga. “They are taking photos and sharing them on social, which was an unexpected and welcome benefit.”

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