The Thulusdhoo Island Guide has all the essential tips and info needed to plan a holiday to Thulusdhoo on a budget, including the best things to do at Thulusdhoo Island, how to get to Thulusdhoo Island by taking the Thulusdhoo speedboat and local ferry services, plus where to stay – Thulusdhoo hotels.

The Thulusdhoo Island Guide is written by Kristie Murray, our Australian Founder of Indulge Maldives Holidays. Kristie has lived on the island for the last 5 years and shares all her insider tips for travelling to Thulusdhoo on a budget.



One of the best budget islands in Maldives, Kristie starts our Thulusdhoo Island Guide by sharing her top 5 reasons why you must visit Thulusdhoo on a budget:

1. It is close in proximity to the airport (just 30mins via the Thulusdhoo speedboat) and is one of the most affordable local islands to travel to.

2. Our Thulusdhoo Island Guide will show you the best things to do at Thulusdhoo Island, including affordable water sports and excursions such as surfing, snorkelling, diving, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, dolphin watching, sandbank excursions, resort day trips and cultural immersion. Plus Indulge Maldives can give you discounted excursions, helping you save even more on your trip.

3. When planning to do Thulusdhoo on a budget, travellers have a large selection of accommodation options, including both budget-friendly guesthouses and four-star hotels.

4. It’s easy to island hop as Thulusdhoo Island is close to both resorts and other local islands, such as Dhiffushi and Huraa islands. Indulge Maldives can assist you with creating a Maldives island hopping itinerary, that utilises either the local province ferry network or the Thulusdhoo speedboat, so you don’t have to waste time transiting back through the airport.

5. It is the main surfing island in Maldives and is home to the world famous surf breaks Cokes and Chickens, plus there are a handful of other waves nearby. There are even helpful local surf guides and photographers like Maldives Surf Photographer based on the island.


Thulusdhoo Island Guide - Indulge Maldives Holidays



With over 25 Thulusdhoo hotels and guesthouses on the island, there really is something for everyone, especially if you’re looking to do Thulusdhoo on a budget. Kristie has seen the hotels be build from the ground up, has slept in the hotel beds, experienced the service, dined in the restaurants and done the excursions. The below Thulusdhoo hotels are Kristie’s hand-picked selection, based on location, excellent facilities, food, staff service and price. Our cheapest package starts from USD$50 per night. Kristie recently invited Instagram-famous travel couple Marie & Jake to stay at Season Paradise hotel and experience the island for themselves. Indulge Maldives offers exclusive Maldives deals and packages to the best Thulusdhoo hotels:

Lux: Season Paradise or Met House

Mid Range: Reef Edge or Canopus Retreat

Budget Friendly: Akiri Surf Retreat – $50 per night or Keylaa Inn

Email us today for cheaper than online prices to Thulusdhoo hotels. We also arrange your excursions and Thulusdhoo speedboat transfers.


Thulusdhoo hotels
Season Paradise Hotel – from USD$150 per night



Visit Thulusdhoo on a budget and tick off these awesome bucket list activities from our Thulusdhoo Island Guide. Below are the best things to do at Thulusdhoo Island:

→ Swim at the two bikini beaches

→ Stand Up Paddleboard the lagoons

→ Snorkel off the island’s house reef or explore the Coral Garden

→ Scuba dive with Feenaa Dive

→ Take a trip to Asdhoo Sandbank with Akiri Holidays

→ Island hop to neighbouring Dhiffushi or Huraa islands

→ Surf at Cokes, Chickens & other nearby surf breaks like Sultans & Jails

→ Indulge in a resort day trip to Club Med Kani Resort

→ Go on a fishing trip with a local and learn local techniques

→ Watch the dolphins play in the island’s lagoon

→ Jekski, wakeboard or try out inflatable watersports

→ Visit the Coca Cola Factory (free)

→ Wander the colourful village streets

→ Get a massage at Season Paradise Spa

→ End the day at the beautiful Sunset Point

→ Laze in a beachside hammock & read a book

→ Climb a palm tree

→ Hang out poolside at Season Paradise’s Infinity pool

→ Drink a fresh Coconut

→ Try Maldivian food & afternoon tea ‘Hedhikaa’ snack at a local café

→ Hang out with the friendly locals

Lonely Planet is also a great resource for things to do at Thulusdhoo Island.

Indulge Maldives can book all your excursions and things to do at Thulusdhoo Island for you.

Thulusdhoo Island sandbank excursion



After you’ve discovered the best things to do at Thulusdhoo Island for yourself, you’ll want to explore the below local cafés and restaurants from our Thulusdhoo Island Guide:

Toulouse Salsa (aka Salsa by locals) is a restaurant chain. It’s your best go dining option to for a nice venue and affordable eats. They specialize in a great selection of fresh juices as well as lots of Western, Indian & Maldivian favourites.

Contagious Pizza – established by the island’s resident Americans, Contagious has recently changed hands to Maldivian ownership. There’s a reason why people will travel from Malé just to enjoy a slice of some of the best pizza in the country!

Isola – A hip little spot with a great menu that offers both Western & Local specialities. Located not far from the tourist beach, it’s a funky little outdoor space to enjoy a meal on the island.

Bayonii – is the go to place to test your tastebuds on local Maldivian food. Serving up Kottu Roshi, fish curry, rice and noodle dishes, plus traditional afternoon tea snacks called Hedikka. Bayonni is where all the local’s hang out!


A relatively new café located at the front of the island, serving up a selection of Asian and Western meals. They offer the largest selection of salads and rice dishes on the island.

Season Paradise – Slightly on the expensive side of things but well worth the extra cost for the selection on offer. Expect a fresh salad bar, chicken or beef dish, fresh fish, rice, pasta and an entire dessert bar.  On Friday evening’s the restaurant is moved outdoors under the palm trees & night sky above and chefs cook on the open grill barbecue. $15 per meal or $27 for dinner and lunch.


Thulusdhoo Island Surfing


One of the best things to do at Thulusdhoo Island is surfing – it is widely known as the best surfing island in all of Maldives. The waves in North Malé Atoll are generally the most consistent and have the largest swells, especially from June to August. 

For surfers travelling to Thulusdhoo on a budget, one bonus is having direct access the world famous Cokes surf break from the island. It’s a fast long right-hander for advanced surfers only. Take a 5 min transfer across to the ‘Chickens’ surf break – a long-left hander that offers great barrel riding on bigger days. Indulge Maldives has experienced local surf guides & photographers based on the island who can assist you with all your surfing needs. View our Thulusdhoo Surf Package and our comprehensive Maldives Surf Trip Guide.



All Maldives airport transfers must be pre-arranged. It’s not possible to arrive at Malé Airport and book Thulusdhoo speedboat ticket on the spot. It doesn’t work like that here in Maldives and if you do it this way, there is a high chance you will find yourself stuck on the airport island for a night. This is due to the fact that there are limited speedboats to each local island and speedboat companies require passengers to pre-book in advance so that they can determine how many passengers will be onboard for each service.

If you’re wondering how to get to Thulusdhoo Island and want to travel to Thulusdhoo on a budget, the good news is that travellers have two options – take the Thulusdhoo speedboat or local ferry. Thulusdhoo Island is located in North Malè Atoll, 27km north of Velana International Airport. It one of the closest local islands to Malé and is therefore cheap to travel to.


There are two companies that operate the Thulusdhoo speedboat. River Speed is a company owned and operated by a local Thulusdhoo family. The second company Ref Cool is owned by Maldivians associated with Season Paradise hotel. Both operate excellent Thulusdhoo speedboat services that run to schedule.

The cost of the Thulusdhoo speedboat is the same for both the River Speed and Refcool companies: 

Adult USD$30pp & Child USD$15pp one-way (2-11.99yrs). Infant free. Indulge Maldives can book all your speedboat transfers for you. Travellers have the option to pay cash onboard.

Thulusdhoo Speedboat Schedules:

From Airport: Saturday to Thursday: 9:30am, 11:30am, 12pm, 4:30pm, 5pm or 10pm transfers. Friday’s: 9am, 4:30pm, 5pm and 10pm. 30 minute duration.

To Airport: 7:30am, 8am, 10:15, 10:45am, 2:30pm, 6pm or 7:30pm transfers. Friday’s: 7:30am, 8am, 2:30pm 3pm, 6pm and 7:30pm. 30 minute duration.


The Thulusdhoo local ferry, Tharika Ferry 2, operates on a once daily schedule to/from Malé (except Tuesday’s & Friday’s). The boat is designed for local people to access the mainland Malé, hence the once a day route. The local ferry departs from Thulusdhoo harbour at 7:30am and departs from Malé (outside the fruit and veg local markets) at 3:30pm. The ferry can sometimes depart from the Villingili boat terminal in Malé, so be sure to check with your hotel or guesthouse for the most up-to-date information. The trip costs USD$2p.p. for a 1.5 hour journey.

Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to reach the Thulusdhoo local ferry in Malé, as taxis in Malé can be quite hard to secure as they are in high demand. Indulge Maldives would suggest getting to the ferry 30 minutes before departure to ensure you allow yourself enough time. Tickets can be purchased onboard the Tharika Ferry 2 and designated seats are assigned. It is also possible to sit on top of the roof of the ferry for a more authentic experience and picturesque view.

The Atoll Transfer website is also helpful resource. 




3 – 7 NIGHTS. Depending on your budget and how many things you wish do during your visit. It’s a great island to put first on your Maldives itinerary. As it is close to the airport and is only one of two local islands that have speedboats in operation all day, meaning travellers can fly to Maldives day or night and arrive at your island destination the same day – no night in transit at the airport is required (last speedboat departs Malé airport at 10pm).


Maldives holiday deals and packages


Thanks for reading the Thulusdhoo Island Guide. We hope you discovered the best things to do at Thulusdhoo Island!





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