Tim Bailey reveals incredible RAT difference


While Aussies struggle to get their hands on at-home Covid tests, a TV presenter has shown how easy it is while on holiday overseas.

An Australian TV presenter has revealed the big difference between accessing a rapid antigen test while holidaying overseas compared to back home.

Tim Bailey, a former Channel 10 weatherman, bought four tests at a restaurant in Phuket, Thailand, for just $4 each.

“Tonight in Thailand we ate two mains, watered it down with four drinks and were able buy FOUR Rapid Antigen Tests at the restaurant,” Mr Bailey wrote on Twitter.

“Total cost $53. The tests were $4 each. Meanwhile in Australia?”

He shared a picture of the rapid antigen test (RAT) kit along with his meal on Instagram, attracting comments from Aussies telling him to bring some home.

“Better pack a few in your doggie bag to bring home,” one commenter wrote.

“Both my husband and I work as nurses in aged care homes. I wish we could just have two of these at home,” said another.

The at-home Covid tests have been in scarce supply in Australia, with huge pressure on the government to make the tests free for all like in the UK.

Last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that tests would be made free to concession card holders over a three-month period, with these people able to collect up to 10 kits from pharmacies. They can get five free tests per month.

He also announced that over the next few weeks, testing sites would move towards offering free rapid antigen tests, sometimes instead of PCR tests, for people required to get tested – to “move the queues quicker, moving to get results quicker”.

Mr Morrison said stocks were on their way, but warned over the next few weeks there would likely continue to be “a lot of tension in the system” when it comes to supply and demand.

Australians overseas have shared how much easier it was get their hands on an at-home test in recent weeks.

Seven News reporter Teegan Dolling, who is based in London, shared pictures of piles of free tests with the sign, “please help yourself”.

“And you were allowed to take two packs! So 14 tests.. no cost.. no questions!!” she wrote.

Nine News Europe correspondent Brett McLeod explained how easy it was to order the tests for free online in the UK.

“Just ordered a packet of rapid tests online. For free,” he wrote.

“Supplies have run down during Omicron, but in theory each household can do this every day here in the UK.”

Nine News US correspondent Amelia Adams shared a picture of a test kit she was handed while checking into an event in Las Vegas.

“Chatting to friends and family back home who are desperately trying to get RATs, as I check into a convention in Vegas where they are giving these away to anyone who wants one (negative test not compulsory to attend, vax proof is),” she wrote on Twitter.

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